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2013 Pizza Week Survey Results Are Live!

By Kelly Dobkin
September 24, 2013

Hold the anchovies - today, we're releasing the results of our second-ever Pizza Survey. Once again, we have confirmed that Americans are die-hard pizza lovers, as survey respondents admit that they eat it pretty much once a week, consuming a pie or slice an average of 3.9 times per month (compared to 4.3 times last year). 

In the toppings department, pepperoni was a big hit once again (29% say it's their favorite), but mushrooms made a strong showing this year, tying with pepperoni at 29% for No. 1 favorite topping. Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, so beloved by diners in the Windy City, was the favorite of only 7% of pie lovers. That was beat out by Neapolitan (21%) and NY-style thin crust (which was the winner, with a whopping 40% of the vote).

Jonesin' for pizza yet? If not, click through the slideshow to see the full results of the Pizza Survey, and let us know about your pizza preferences in the comments.

  • Timing and Frequency: What Time Is Pizza Time?

    How many times a month do you eat pizza?

    Overall - 3.9
    Males - 4.3
    Females - 3.5
    Northeast - 4.3
    Midwest - 3.9
    South - 3.7
    West - 3.5

    Pizza consumption during meals (diners could choose more than one time of day when they typically eat pizza):

    Dinner - 89%
    Lunch - 37%
    Late-Night Snack - 19%
    Afternoon Snack - 10%
    Breakfast - 9%

    Interesting Fact: Southern diners were much more likely to eat pizza for breakfast than pie lovers in any other region, while diners in the Midwest were much more likely to have it for dinner.

  • Style Smackdown: The 5 Most Popular Types of Pizza

    1. NY-style thin crust
    2. Neapolitan
    3. Chicago-style deep dish
    4. Chicago-style thin crust; New Haven-style thin crust (tie)
    5. Sicilian

  • Photo by: Ron Dolette/Flickr

    Toppings: What do you prefer on your pie?

    1. Pepperoni; Mushrooms (tie)
    2. Sausage
    3. Extra Cheese; Onions (tie)
    4. Basil
    5. Peppers
    6. Garlic; Tomatoes (tie)
    7. Bacon; Olives (tie)
    8. Ham/Prosciutto
    9. Anchovies; Spinach (tie)
    10. Chicken

    Interesting Fact: While pepperoni was ranked as the No. 1 topping both overall and among men, women actually prefer mushrooms as their favorite. Pepperoni was much more popular in the South than mushroom, but in most other areas it was a close call between the two.

  • Photo by: Danya Henninger

    Where Do You Eat Pizza the Most Often?

    1. Full-service sit-down restaurant - 32%
    2. Quick-service local pizzeria - 28%
    3. Delivery only/Carryout - 26%
    4. Make it myself/Homemade - 10%
    5. Frozen - 4%

    Interesting Fact: Surveyors in the Midwest got delivery and carryout much more than surveyors in other regions, while Northeasterners favored quick-service local pizza joints.

  • Crusts: How do you like it?

    1. Crispy
    2. Chewy/Doughy
    3. Blackened/Charred
    4. Buttery
    5. Stuffed

  • Photo by: Tamara Palmer

    Eating Habits: Have You Ever...?

    How do you prefer to eat leftover pizza?
    Reheat it - 61%
    Eat it cold -  33%
    I don't eat leftover pizza - 6%

    Do you/Have you blotted excess oil from your pizza?
    Yes - 59%
    No - 41%

    Interesting Fact: 68% of females say they have used the blot method vs. 50% of males.

    What's your typical style for eating pizza?

    Eat it flat - 45%
    Fold it - 38%
    Knife and fork - 17%

    Interesting Fact: Male surveyors and those in the Northeast are more likely to fold their pizzas, while those in the Midwest are more likely to eat it flat.

  • At the Register: How much do you spend on a single slice?

    Overall - $3.26
    Females - $3.44
    Males - $3.10
    West - $3.79
    Midwest - $3.54
    South - $3.29
    Northeast - $2.96

    How much for a whole pie?

    Overall - $16.97
    Females - $17.22
    Males - $16.76
    West - $18.38
    Midwest - $18.04
    South - $15.88
    Northeast - $16.71

  • Gourmet Pies: What's the most you would spend on a gourmet pizza with premium ingredients (truffles, caviar, etc.)?

    $20-$29 - 42%
    I wouldn't order it - 22%
    Under $20 - 15%
    $30-$39 - 15%
    $40 or more - 6%

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