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Artisans in Austin: Skull & Cakebones

By Megan Giller
August 29, 2013

We picked up a sweet treat at Whole Foods the other day that we just have to share. Skull & Cakebones cupcakes (shhh, they’re vegan) are as delectable as they are local. In addition to the good ol’ fashioned flavors with quirky names (Cherry Bomb, John Lemmon), they make “friendcakes” through partnerships with local artisans like Buddha’s Brew kombucha (Pineapple and Supergreens), Jester King Craft Brewery (Ginger Brew), Cuvee Coffee (Café Cuvee cake) and Johnson’s Backyard Garden (Just Beet It and Sweet Carrotline). And they also have fun throwback treats like Bing-Bongs (think ding-dongs).

As for being vegan, owners Yauss Berenji and Sascha Biesi say, “We want people to snarf down a cupcake, then watch their faces explode with disbelief when they find out it’s vegan.”

We didn’t need any convincing about the power of vegan baked goods, but we are definitely now believers in Skull & Cakebones. Pick them up at Whole Foods, Wheatsville, the Royal Blue Grocery and other places around town.

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