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Jackson Cannon Designs the Perfect Bar Knife

By Scott Kearnan
December 4, 2013

Quick, someone call QVC. We're very impressed by the entrepreneurial move made by local cocktail legend Jackson Cannon, bar director of Eastern Standard, Island Creek Oyster Bar and The Hawthorne. (He also co-owns the last.) Cannon teamed up with R. Murphy Knives, a 163-year old local knife maker, to design his own branded bar knife based off the expertise he's honed from years in the biz: its super-sharp, stainless steel squared-off tip will do all the cutting, notching, spiral peel making and seed gouging demanded by your next cocktail party. (Plus it has a pretty polished handle of tropical wood.) The "Jackson Cannon Bar Knife" became available at the end of November at The Boston Shaker, the Somerville boutique stocked to the gills with the most topnotch tools of the mixology trade. 

Places Mentioned

The Hawthorne

Bar • Fenway/Kenmore

Atmo.26 Decor26 Service25 CostM
Island Creek Oyster Bar

Seafood • Fenway/Kenmore

Food28 Decor26 Service26 Cost$49
Eastern Standard Bar

Bar • Fenway/Kenmore

Atmo.27 Decor26 Service25 Cost 
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