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Off the Clock: Derek Simcik at Scofflaw 4:00 pm Want to rub shoulders with a chef? Buy a round for a bartender? We asked Chicago industry veterans where they can be found in their off-hours. Who He Is: Derek… Read more
Foodie Find: Lucila’s Alfajores 2:20 pm From their kitchen to your home, Foodie Finds seeks out prepared goods from Chicago’s most talented artisans and chefs so that the party doesn't have to stop once you… Read more
Burke's Bacon Bar Closing May 4 12:35 pm Bad news bacon lovers, David Burke’s all-bacon, all-the-time restaurant will close on May 4. Burke’s Bacon Bar opened in August with a menu filled with all things bacon, from Chinese bacon… Read more
Toast: Inside San Francisco's Controversial Bread Obsession 12:33 pm Is the artisanal, New Wave toast that's being served in San Francisco the best thing since sliced bread, or is it a symbol of San Francisco's overheated gentrification?… Read more
13 Must-Try Spring Vegetable Dishes Across America 11:43 am Regardless of the season, veggies are taking center stage on the plate at restaurants around the U.S. But just for spring we're highlighting some of the tastiest veggie-focused,… Read more
Restaurant Etiquette
Dining Etiquette: Host Stand Fails 11:07 am Arriving at a restaurant without reservations isn't the end of the world, but be prepared to wait. Check out the video above for a few tips on what NOT… Read more
Chicago's 7 Best Steakhouse Sides 9:00 am In Chicago, beef is boss. Our city has undergone a tremendous steak revolution over the last several years; wet-aged, dry-aged, aged in a cavern with Himalayan salt…however you want your… Read more
Brendan Sodikoff's Cocello Opens in River North 2 days ago Eight months after opening in River North, Brendan Sodikoff’s surprisingly controversial delicatessen has turned into a simple Italian bistro called Cocello. Although Dillman’s was typically operating at 70% capacity, Sodikoff said… Read more
Chef’s Choice: Banana Bread at NoMI 2 days ago Food envy is a common affliction that happens to the best of us. A hot plate of something delicious comes out of the kitchen, fills the dining room with smells… Read more
Tuesday Poll: Which Cuisines Are Best Kept Simple? 2 days ago In a recent interview with Philly/NYC restaurateur Stephen Starr we touched on the status of Mexican cuisine as the magnate is opening a new outpost of his Philly-based El… Read more