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10 Must-Try S'mores in Chicago

By Sarah Freeman
November 12, 2013

'Tis the season for sitting around a crackling fire with good friends and a warm mug of hot chocolate. The desired culinary accessory of choice in this scenario is a gooey s'more. As the holidays approach and the fresh fruits of summer are behind us, pastry chefs are turning to chocolate and sugar. The result is plenty of creative takes on the nostalgic bonfire classic. Whether roasted tableside, made gourmet or transformed into an entirely different sweet treat, it is difficult to resist the combination of marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker. Here are 10 new s'more interpretations to sink your teeth into.

  • Do-Rite Donuts

    Start the day with dessert. Wednesday's special is a cake donut dipped in Valrhona chocolate and covered in graham cracker crumbs. The center is filled with housemade marshmallow crème, which takes a quick trip under the blowtorch to achieve a crispy top.

    50 W. Randolph St.; 312-488-2483

  • Photo by: Nick Murway


    The open-faced s’more starts with a honey marshmallow that is covered in bourbon ganache and a graham cracker crust. "Everything in this dessert is made in-house, from the marshmallow to the cracker crust. We even spike the chocolate ganache with bourbon,” said chef Brian Jupiter. "Our s'mores are torched to order, so customers get that really nice charred and caramelized flavor.” 

    1072 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773-772-4322

  • Homestead

    With its outdoor fire pit underneath the stars, the s’more is a staple at this rooftop garden-to-table restaurant (now open year-round). Pictured is the S'mores in the Woods, but a new version features seasonal vanilla-roasted beets, dark chocolate cylinders, chocolate cream, beet buttermilk sorbet and marshmallow cream.

    1924 W. Chicago Ave.; 773-904-1145

  • Katherine Anne Confections

    This confectionista makes marshmallows and she makes chocolate, so put the two together with a little bit of graham cracker and you have a drool-inducing bite-sized s’more truffle. The s’more changes seasonally and currently features a pumpkin ganache infused with rum-soaked apricots and maple syrup, topped with a chai tea marshmallow. The whole thing is toasted then dipped in bittersweet chocolate with smoked sea salt and toasted pepitas.

    2745 W. Armitage Ave.; 773-245-1630

  • Photo by: Amy Stallard


    For the authentic “roasting a marshmallow over an open fire in the woods” experience, go to the restaurant known for taking the culinary experience to the next level. Claire Crenshaw’s s’more starts with a bittersweet chocolate ganache and graham cracker crumble encased in vanilla bean marshmallow. The creation is presented in a log segment and is roasted tableside according to the diner's desired level of toastiness.

    945 W. Fulton Mkt.; 312-491-0058

  • Photo by: Richard Park


    Possibly winning the best-named dessert ever award is pastry chef Lisa Bonjour's You’re Killing Me S’mores. The dessert combines dark chocolate ganache, marshmallow, Spanish peanuts and graham cracker ice cream. "I refined the classic s’more by making a chocolate ganache and turning the graham cracker element into an ice cream, which creates a nice contrast of warm and cold,” Bonjour said.

    868 N. Franklin St.; 312-482-9179

  • Siena Tavern

    All of the gelato at this trendy Italian restaurant is made in-house, which means the flavors can be changed to reflect the season. The holidays are all about chocolate, so the s’mores gelato combines chunks of chocolate, graham crackers and a marshmallow fluff swirl in a chocolate malt base.

    51 W. Kinzie St.; 312-595-1322

  • Sugar Bliss

    Great minds think alike, and the great minds at this gourmet cupcake bakery are featuring s’more cupcakes as this week’s special. The cupcake starts with a dark chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream and frosted with milk chocolate buttercream flowers, then topped with a graham cracker and a marshmallow.

    115 N. Wabash Ave.; 312-845-9669

  • Photo by: Jamco Creative


    This housemade s’more sure doesn’t look like anything cooked at a campsite. Pastry chef Rebecca LaMalfa makes her s’mores with dark chocolate, popcorn ice cream, house graham and smoked mallow. You get all of the campfire flavor without any of the stickiness or the bug bites.

    2039 W. North Ave.; 773-661-1540

  • West Town Bakery

    That thing that is definitely not a Cronut, but is an extra flaky éclair with the texture of a croissant and the flavor of a donut comes in s’more flavor. This doughssant is filled with chocolate ganache and marshmallow fluff, drizzled with chocolate and dusted with white chocolate shavings.

    1916 W. Chicago Ave.; 773-904-1414


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