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7 Decadent Pancakes in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima
February 5, 2014
Photo by: Farah Fleurima

In this age of low-carb madness and slimming down, pancakes are becoming more of an occasional treat. We say, if you’re going to enjoy them, enjoy them richly. These flapjacks go all out in both sweet and savory ways, so dig in!

  • Barbacoa Hoecake at Oddfellows

    The Bishop Arts breakfast hot spot serves up a savory sensation topped with scallions and drizzled with chili cinnamon syrup. It almost begs for a margarita on the side.

    316 W. 7th St.; 214-944-5958

  • Photo by: Brian Hilson

    Danger Dogs at Jonathon’s

    This dish perhaps stretches the definition of “pancake,” but it certainly falls under the heading of “decadent.” The upscale Oak Cliff diner dips breakfast sausage in pancake batter and deep fries it, serving it up with spicy mustard. We highly recommend a double dip in that and maple syrup.

    1111 N. Beckley Ave.; 214-946-2221

  • Griddle Stack at Whiskey Cake

    The Plano gastropub’s pancakes arrive with caramelized apples, maple syrup, Marcona almonds and whipped cream. All of which only makes us hanker for a tall glass of cold milk.

    3601 Dallas Pkwy.; 972-993-2253

  • Creamsicle Pancakes at Ten Bells Tavern

    The Bishop Arts haunt whips up chef-crafted fare you wouldn’t expect to find at a bar, and brunch items are no exception. Creamsicle pancakes evoke that frozen favorite from childhood with crème anglaise and orange syrup.

    232 W. 7th St.; 214-943-2677

  • Photo by: Brian Hilson

    Crepes at Buzzbrews

    Thin, sweet or savory and endlessly stuffable, crepes are pancakes, too. And Buzzbrews makes some rich, creamy, eggy, meaty varieties, most of which can be topped with its impeccable peppery cream sauce.

    4154 N. Central Expwy.; 214-826-7100

  • Peanut Butter and Pecan Pie Pancakes at Boxwood

    These pancakes are sweet and luxurious enough to induce sighs of pleasure. Peanut butter whipped cream tops thick flapjacks swimming in a puddle of pecan syrup and sprinkled with pecan chunks.

    2901 Thomas Ave.; 214-220-2901

  • Red Velvet Pancakes at Max’s Wine Dive

    A list of decadent pancakes in Dallas wouldn’t be complete without a red velvet version, and the one at Max’s is a brunch menu favorite. Pair that stack with bacon to complete the treat.

    3600 McKinney Ave.; 214-559-3483


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