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7 Over-the-Top Fries and Tots in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima
February 19, 2014

Let’s face it - when you’re craving a salty, fried snack, chances are it involves some heavenly form of crispy potato. And if a crunchy-outside, creamy-inside potato fry or nugget rates as appetizer nirvana, it’s definitely all the better topped with a rich, meaty or cheesy add-on. Here, we scope out seven plates of potato with out-of-this-world toppings that bring them to the next level of snack-tasticness.

  • Animal Tots at Park Tavern

    This similarly meaty treat loads pulled pork, cheese curds, mustard, a stout-based gravy and a fried egg on top of a layer of tater tots. Although you can sub fries in, we say the meatier form of fried potato holds up better to these layers of richness.

    8166 Park Lane Place; 214-446-0710

  • Photo by: Farah Fleurima

    Loaded Cheese Fries at the Old Monk

    This basket comes laden with hot fries, melted cheddar cheese, bacon chunks, jalapenos and red onion. Our advice? Forgo the thick-cut steak fries and go for the the skinny frites.

    2847 N. Henderson Ave.; 214-821-1880

  • Voodoo Fries at The Quarter Bar

    It’s apropos that Uptown’s New Orleans-themed bar spices things up when it comes to over-the-top fries. Their Voodoo Fries come dressed in queso, jalapeño gravy, sriracha, crisp pork belly and a smattering of scallions. Sounds like a terrific start for Mardi Gras celebrating next month.

    3301 McKinney Ave.; 214-754-4940

  • Photo by: Jerry F. Nerviano

    Rocket Tots at the Flying Saucer

    The beer-centric tavern in Addison specializes in brew-friendly food, and this starter is a terrific stomach-filler while drinking. Cheese and pepper tater tots are fried to crunchy perfection, piled into a Chimay glass and served alongside habanero sour cream. It’s just the right size to accompany one of Flying Saucer’s beer flights.

    14999 Montfort Dr.; 972-991-7093

  • Pork Belly Poutine at Blind Butcher

    Amid all the sausage-centric eating to be done at Lower Greenville’s newest haunt, there is a potato pleasure. Three poutines can be savored here, but our favorite is the pork belly version, featuring fries topped with a luxurious gravy and matchstick-shaped planks of sweet meat. It esd simply unforgettable with our DeKoninck brew. (A fried egg on top wasn’t an option during our visit before the full menu was available, but we fully endorse its present inclusion.)

    1919 Greenville Ave.; 214-887-0000

  • Housemade Tater Tots at SER

    If our avid Pinterest research is any indication, it’s mighty hard to craft a tater tot. Even though these aren’t awash in toppings, we have to shout-out the sky-high restaurant for creating the ultimate tot. It’s lightly crisp, airy and those little potato shreds are impeccably buttery on the inside; best part is dipping them in the pleasantly tart ketchup, which is also housemade.

    2201 N. Stemmons Freeway; 214-761-7479

  • Short Rib Frites at Ten Bells Tavern

    Does this Oak Cliff bar know how to elevate a dish or what? Their housemade fries are garnished in beer and brown sugar-braised short ribs and draped in housemade mornay sauce. A local craft brew for this chef-crafted dish is almost a necessity. 

    232 W. 7th St.; 214-943-2677


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