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Miami's 10 Hottest Coffee Shops

By Carissa Chesanek
February 24, 2014

Coffee Week is upon us: what better way to celebrate than a rundown of Miami's coolest coffee shops? Read on to find out about the buzziest spots for your caffeine fix, plus recommendations on their signature drinks.

  • Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar

    The gist: With its clean, modern decor and citylike brick walls, it feels more like a quaint cafe up north than an espresso bar off gritty Washington Avenue.

    What to drink: The foam-covered iced Greek Frappe Coffee ($4.70 for large) with added whipped cream ($.50).

    Perfect pairing: Build-your-own crêpes with peanut butter, bananas and Nutella.

    Know before you go: It might be classified as a coffeehouse, but it shells out more than just caffeinated beverages, including freshly pressed juices and organic-style salads. 

  • Panther Coffee

    The gist: It's a Starbucks on steroids, fully equipped with funky art-splashed walls (inside and out) and potent brews you can smell a mile (or two) away. 

    What to drink: Opt for the Chemex brew ($6) made with an hourglass-shaped flask that'll have you really tasting the black-cherry-and-clove-infused Fazenda Nova Suica beans.

    Perfect pairing: One of the giant, extra-chocolatey chocolate chip cookies.

    Know before you go: Since this is the popular place for coffee and socializing, expect long lines especially during really busy times like breakfast and lunch.

  • Eternity Coffee Roasters

    The gist: This Downtown joe joint features a traditional Italian espresso menu with a custom-designed single-cup pour-over bar.

    What to drink: Try the signature seasonal espresso blend (mixed with chocolate, caramel and citrus) at the espresso bar ($2.50-$4.75).

    Perfect pairing: Soft, doughy Alfajores filled with gooey Nutella.

    Know before you go: Parking in the lot above the cafe is free, so be sure to get your ticket validated before you leave.

  • Cafe Demetrio

    The gist: As the first official coffeehouse in Coral Gables, this spot has plenty to offer including live music and intense games of chess.

    What to drink: The Cafe Leo ($3.75), which is a creamy latte mixed with caramel and hazelnut.

    Perfect pairing: Housemade dulce de leche made with chocolate and passion fruit.

    Know before you go: While the inside is comfy enough, you'll want to park it outside on the lush gardenlike terrace for the ultimate afternoon retreat.

  • David’s Cafe

    The gist: This 24-hour South Beach staple is known to have a breakfast that has locals lining up at the door (and walk-up window).

    What to drink: You can't go wrong with the signature bold cafe con leche ($2.75) with scalded milk.   

    Perfect pairing: The tres leches cake will melt in your mouth.

    Know before you go: Since it's located right in the heart of South Beach, parking can be tough, so expect to walk a block or two once you finally find a spot.

  • Pasión Del Cielo

    The gist: You'll be able to broaden your caffeine-fueled taste buds by trying beans from all over the globe, including from places like Brazil, Jamaica and Hawaii.

    What to drink: The Colada ($2.51) made with a few shots of Cuban-style espresso will be sure to get you through the rest of the afternoon. 

    Perfect pairing: There's nothing quite like the sweet cookie dough s'more brownie to go with your coffee.

    Know before you go: With the large range of unknown global beans, deciding on one option can be a challenge, so ask the barista to help guide you toward the direction you're craving.  

  • Segafredo L'Originale

    The gist: This South Beach original outpost is not your average coffeehouse, as it's known for DJs spinning late-night and its extreme mingling scene. 

    What to drink: Caffe Shakerato made with espresso shaken with ice, sugar and your choice of liqueur ($3.50).

    Perfect pairing: The tartufo made with frozen zabaglione, chocolate and walnuts is a super-cool treat.

    Know before you go: If you're not looking to get hit on by sloppy late-night sippers, be sure to stick to daytime hours when it's a bit less sceney.

  • Angelina’s Coffee & Juice

    The gist: This family-owned Midtown cozy spot not only offers drip coffees and double macchiatos, but it also has a juice bar with fresh-pressed sips pumped up with boosters like bee pollen and chia. 

    What to drink: For a traditional Cuban pick-me-up, try the cortadito ($1.60) infused with espresso and topped with steamed milk.

    Perfect pairing: Adult grilled cheese made with Brie, caramelized onions, apple and honey mustard sandwiched on country bread.

    Know before you go: The breakfast menu isn't something to sneeze at either, consisting of build-your-own waffles and overstuffed made-to-order omelets.

  • Aroma Espresso Bar

    The gist: This Sunny Isles hot spot offers the perfect shady outdoor setting for you to enjoy while sipping on fancy coffee-enhanced beverages.

    What to drink: Turkish coffee ($2.25) made with dark roasted coffee grounds that are brewed in hot water.

    Perfect pairing: Devour the hot chocolate fondant with its warm sticky center, and be sure to add a couple of scoops of ice cream in there too.

    Know before you go: This is one of the only two Florida outposts that offers its guests free parking.

  • Nespresso

    The gist: This cool-as-can-be coffee lounge offers an ultramodern escape for fancy coffee sippers - by that we mean those who aren't afraid to shell out some serious dough for their cappuccinos. 

    What to drink: Latte macchiato ($5.50), piping hot with just the right amount of foamy goodness.

    Perfect pairing: Although there are some sandwiches and salad options, they aren't necessarily worth the high prices, so stick with the coffee, then head over to Shake Shack for a burger.

    Know before you go: With a barista bar and funky multicolored coffee lounge, sitting indoors is a preference over the small outdoor terrace. 


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