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Philly's PYT Invents a Fried Beer Burger

By Danya Henninger
December 11, 2013

Just when we think they couldn’t possibly outdo past creations (see: fried Twinkie burger, bacon-taco-shell burger, fried lasagna burger), the madcap burger magicians at Philly's PYT come up with something new.

The latest amazement from the Northern Liberties bar has what sounds like an impossibility: beer as a burger topping. Better yet: fried beer. And to make it even more hipster-trendy: the fried beer is none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon.

To achieve the intriguing end product, chef Kim Malcolm first freezes a ramekin of beer. The frozen disk is then surrounded by sharp cheddar slices and wrapped in a wonton shell. The “beer dumpling” is coated in crushed Pretzel Crisps and deep fried. Then it’s finally ready to be balanced atop a burger patty, along with pickles and mustard-dill aioli.

Voila, the “beerger.” It’s currently available for $12, with one caveat: you have to be at least 21 to try it (215-964-9009).

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