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Vedge Duo Opening Second Restaurant in Rittenhouse

By Danya Henninger
October 24, 2013
Photo by: Danya Henninger

Philadelphians can rest easy: renowned vegetable wizards Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby are sticking around. Instead of opening a version of Vedge in Los Angeles - which they were considering mostly because potential partners on the West Coast wooed them with such vigor - they’ll launch a second spot right here at home.

As The Insider first reported, the husband-and-wife duo will take over 126 S. 19th Street. The location is right next to Zama and less than a block away from Rittenhouse Square. “We’d been looking on and off at different sites in Philly, both before and after our tour of LA,” Jacoby tells us, “and we decided to limit our scope to something very small.”

“Tiny” might be a better descriptor for the 19th Street space, which is currently home to boutique Smak Parlour. “We’ve found a lot of inspiration in the small, intimate wine bars we’ve been visiting,” says Jacoby, explaining that the new - as yet unnamed - restaurant will be “a beautiful wine bar that’s more of a great neighborhood spot and less of a destination reservation” than multi-dining-room outfitted Vedge.

“Yes, it will be another vegetable gig,” she continues, which is only good news, since the magic she and Landau work with animal-free cuisine is nothing short of amazing. Expect the small bar to quickly gain cult status and be “somewhere restaurant people seek on their nights off.” So far, no details on the menu are set, but Jacoby mentions the spirit of David Chang’s Momofuku restaurants as having a great influence on plans. A spring launch is targeted.

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