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This Week's Top Restaurant and Food News

By Kelly Dobkin
January 24, 2014
Photo by: Umami Burger

From must-try brunches in NYC, to local chains we love around the U.S., check out the ten most popular posts of the week below - happy weekend!

  1. 20 Regional Chains We Wish Would Go National
  2. Weekend Dining: 8 Must-Try NYC Brunches
  3. 10 LA-Based Chains We Love
  4. 7 NYC Chains We Love
  5. Gourmet Rip-Offs: Tracing Trends From Chefs to Chains
  6. Beyond Confit: 10 Must-Try Duck Dishes Across America
  7. 8 Bay Area Chains We Love
  8. 8 Local Chains We Love in Philadelphia
  9. 8 Local Chains We Love in Chicago
  10. 9 Local Chains We Love in Boston
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