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Trending: Unique Liquors on Tap

By Kelly Dobkin
September 18, 2013

We've seen cocktail bars and restaurants get quirkier with their on-tap options in recent years by putting cocktails on tap (Dark and Stormies and Negronis are popular ones). But more and more there's been an uptick of cocktail-centric spots offering up some very niche liquors on tap, and we're not talking about Jagermeister. Check out some of these unique spirits on tap at spots around the U.S. below.

  • Brisket-infused Bourbon at CU29, Austin, TX

    Ok, so this isn't what you would call a "traditional" liquor, but at this newish cocktail bar in Austin they're house-infusing bourbon with brisket from famed spot Franklin Barbecue. Their infused bourbon recipe calls for two pounds of brisket from Franklin, soaked for more than a month in six liters of the brown stuff. Oh boy.

  • Malört at Scofflaw and Trenchermen, Chicago, IL

    Malört is one of those uber-hipster bitter beverages that's an exceptionally acquired taste. It's a Swedish, wormwood-based liqueur that has its roots in Chicago and is a source of pride for local cocktail enthusiasts. Both Scofflaw and Trenchermen offer the particularly hard-to-quaff liqueur on tap. 

  • Green Chartreuse at Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago, IL

    This classic spirit, used in old-fashioned drinks like the Last Word, first cropped up on tap at SF's Grand Cafe inside the Hotel Monaco. Now you can find it at Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago, made possible by a special keg that can be filled with bottles of the bartender's choice - similar to the system used to tap Malört at Scofflaw and Trenchermen. The herbal liquor was originally made in the early 1700s by a group of monks who referred to it as the “Elixir of Life.”

  • Fernet Branca at The Passenger, Washington DC; and Lemon Hill, Philadelphia, PA

    The herbaceous liqueur, very popular among food industry circles, was one of the first to sprout up on tap in big-city bars (especially in SF). But now you can find it at bars all around the country including The Passenger in DC and Lemon Hill in Philly. NYC's The Wayland mixes it with Coke and serves the entire concoction on tap (and yes, it's actually good!).

  • Becherovka at Rum Club, Portland, OR

    This famed cocktail destination in Portlandia features niche Czech bitter Becherovka on tap. The herbal spirit often is served as a digestif but here at Rum Club, they use it in their season-appropriate cocktails as well. 

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