New Orleans Outdoor Seating Restaurants

Hansen's Sno-Bliz

Ice Cream Shop • Uptown

Food28 Decor14 Service24 Cost$6
Commander's Palace

Creole • Garden District

Food28 Decor28 Service28 Cost$70

American • French Quarter

Food27 Decor26 Service25 Cost$62
Toups Meatery

Cajun • Mid-City

Food27 Decor18 Service23 Cost$38
Pat O'Brien's

Bar • French Quarter

Atmo.27 Decor25 Service24 Cost$32
Cochon Butcher

Warehouse District

Food27 Decor21 Service22 Cost$26
Rue 127

American • Mid-City

Food27 Decor24 Service24 Cost$49

Southern American • Carrollton

Food27 Decor22 Service25 Cost$40

Cocktail Bar • Freret

Atmo.27 Decor27 Service24 CostM

Dessert • Metairie

Food26 Decor23 Service24 Cost$13

French • Audubon

Food26 Decor23 Service23 Cost$63

Italian • Carrollton

Food26 Decor20 Service23 Cost$39
The Pelican Club

French Quarter

Food26 Decor25 Service25 Cost$60

Contemporary Louisiana • Uptown

Food26 Decor22 Service24 Cost$44

Dessert • Garden District

Food26 Decor23 Service24 Cost$13
St. James Cheese Company

Sandwich Shop • Uptown

Food26 Decor19 Service20 Cost$19
Parkway Bakery & Tavern

Southern American • Bayou St. John

Food26 Decor16 Service19 Cost$15
Cochon Restaurant

Southern American • Warehouse District

Food26 Decor22 Service24 Cost$49
Cafe Du Monde

Coffee Shop • French Quarter

Food26 Decor18 Service19 Cost$11
Martinique Bistro

French • Audubon

Food26 Decor21 Service23 Cost$43
K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen

Cajun • French Quarter

Food26 Decor22 Service24 Cost$54
Middendorf's Seafood

Seafood • Akers

Food26 Decor20 Service23 Cost$26

Garden District

Food26 Decor24 Service24 Cost$59
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar

Lounge • French Quarter

Atmo.26 Decor23 Service20 CostM

French • CBD

Food26 Decor21 Service24 Cost$56
Cafe Amelie

French Quarter

Food26 Decor26 Service23 Cost$36
La Crepe Nanou

French • Uptown

Food25 Decor22 Service23 Cost$43
Cafe Degas

French • Bayou St. John

Food25 Decor22 Service23 Cost$41
The Praline Connection

Soul Food • Faubourg Marigny

Food25 Decor20 Service22 Cost$24
Ralph's On The Park

Contemporary Louisiana • Mid-City

Food25 Decor26 Service26 Cost$49
The Delachaise

Eclectic • Uptown

Food25 Decor23 Service18 Cost$30

Contemporary Louisiana • Uptown

Food25 Decor23 Service23 Cost$49

Bar • French Quarter

Atmo.25 Decor22 Service22 CostE
Barú Bistro & Tapas

Nuevo Latino • Uptown

Food25 Decor19 Service21 Cost$39
Bombay Club

Bar • French Quarter

Atmo.25 Decor24 Service23 CostE
The Joint

Barbecue • Bywater

Food25 Decor17 Service20 Cost$20

French • Uptown

Food25 Decor24 Service23 Cost$57
The Rum House

Caribbean • Irish Channel

Food25 Decor22 Service21 Cost$22
Lebanon's Cafe

Middle Eastern • Carrollton

Food25 Decor17 Service21 Cost$19
Dante's Kitchen

Contemporary Louisiana • Carrollton

Food25 Decor20 Service22 Cost$47

Cocktail Bar • CBD

Atmo.25 Decor23 Service25 CostM
Broussard's Restaurant

Creole • French Quarter

Food25 Decor26 Service25 Cost$66
Fritzel's European Jazz Pub

Jazz Club • French Quarter

Atmo.25 Decor21 Service22 CostM
Crescent Pie & Sausage Company

Cajun • Mid-City

Food24 Decor18 Service21 Cost$21
Palace Café

French Quarter

Food24 Decor24 Service23 Cost$47
The Milk Bar

Sandwich Shop • Uptown

Food24 Decor15 Service20 Cost$13
Vaughan's Lounge

Cocktail Bar • Bywater

Atmo.24 Decor20 Service22 CostM
Green Goddess

Eclectic • French Quarter

Food24 Decor17 Service19 Cost$28
Rusty Nail

Bar • Warehouse District

Atmo.24 Decor22 Service22 CostE

American • Carrollton

Food24 Decor18 Service20 Cost$22
Surrey's Uptown

American • Uptown

Food24 Decor16 Service19 Cost$20
The Ruby Slipper Café

American • Faubourg Marigny

Food24 Decor18 Service21 Cost$22

American • French Quarter

Food24 Decor21 Service21 Cost$47

Gay Bar • French Quarter

Atmo.24 Decor21 Service20 CostM
The Ruby Slipper Cafe

American • CBD

Food24 Decor18 Service21 Cost$22
Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits

Eclectic • Bywater

Food24 Decor23 Service18 Cost$30
Maple Leaf Bar

Bar • Carrollton

Atmo.24 Decor19 Service21 CostE


Food24 Decor19 Service22 Cost$25
Kajun's Pub

Pub • Faubourg Marigny

Atmo.24 Decor19 Service23 CostI
Bridge Lounge

Lounge • Lower Garden District

Atmo.23 Decor21 Service21 CostM
Café Lafitte in Exile

Gay Bar • French Quarter

Atmo.23 Decor20 Service21 CostM
Dat Dog

Hot Dog • Faubourg Marigny

Food23 Decor19 Service19 Cost$13
Juan's Flying Burrito

Mexican • Mid-City

Food23 Decor17 Service19 Cost$18

Contemporary Louisiana • Lakeview

Food23 Decor20 Service21 Cost$31
Dat Dog

Hot Dog • Uptown

Food23 Decor19 Service19 Cost$13
Li'l Dizzy's Cafe

Creole • Treme

Food23 Decor14 Service22 Cost$24
Balcony Music Club

Bar • French Quarter

Atmo.23 Decor18 Service21 CostM
Dominique's on Magazine

French • Uptown

Food23 Decor23 Service22 Cost$60
Avenue Pub

Pub • Lower Garden District

Atmo.23 Decor20 Service22 CostM
Feelings Cafe

Fine Dining • Bywater

Food23 Decor25 Service21 Cost$48
Dat Dog

Hot Dog • Freret

Food23 Decor19 Service19 Cost$13
Juan's Flying Burrito

Mexican • Lower Garden District

Food23 Decor17 Service19 Cost$18
Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar

Seafood • Uptown

Food22 Decor23 Service23 Cost$35
Irish House

Irish Pub • Lower Garden District

Food22 Decor25 Service21 Cost$27
Good Friends Bar

Gay Bar • French Quarter

Atmo.22 Decor20 Service23 CostM
Cooter Brown's Tavern

Bar And Grill • Carrollton

Atmo.21 Decor17 Service21 CostM
Court of Two Sisters

Creole • French Quarter

Food20 Decor24 Service22 Cost$47
Satsuma Cafe

Coffee Shop • Bywater

Food20 Decor17 Service16 Cost$18
Elizabeth Restaurant

Southern American • Bywater

Food- Decor- Service- Cost$26

Vietnamese • Uptown

Food- Decor- Service- Cost$18
Brennan's Restaurant

American • French Quarter

Food- Decor- Service- CostE
Food- Decor- Service- Cost 

Coffee Shop • CBD

Food- Decor- Service- CostI
New Orleans Cake Café & Bakery

Cafe • Faubourg Marigny

Food- Decor- Service- CostI

American • Bywater

Food- Decor- Service- CostI
Napoleon House

French Quarter

Food- Decor- Service- Cost