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Capitol Hill Restaurants


Italian • Capitol Hill

Food28 Decor21 Service25 Cost$54
Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream

Ice Cream Shop • Capitol Hill

Food27 Decor20 Service23 Cost$7
Rock Box

Karaoke Bar • Capitol Hill

Atmo.26 Decor24 Service22 CostE
Top Pot Doughnuts

Coffee Shop • Capitol Hill

Food26 Decor21 Service22 Cost$8
Hot Mama's Pizza

Pizza • Capitol Hill

Food26 Decor16 Service22 Cost$11
Li'l Woody's

Burger • Capitol Hill

Food26 Decor17 Service19 Cost$15
Kingfish Cafe

American • Capitol Hill

Food26 Decor23 Service24 Cost$33
Annapurna Cafe

Indian • Capitol Hill

Food26 Decor20 Service22 Cost$19

Vietnamese • Capitol Hill

Food26 Decor21 Service22 Cost$36
Sitka and Spruce

NoneCapitol Hill

Food26 Decor23 Service23 Cost$47

Thai • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor20 Service21 Cost$20
Pagliacci Pizza

Pizza • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor18 Service22 Cost$16

American • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor22 Service23 Cost$41
Via Tribunali

Pizza • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor22 Service21 Cost$25
Other Coast Cafe

Cafe • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor13 Service20 Cost$14

European • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor22 Service23 Cost$31
Baguette Box

Sandwich Shop • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor17 Service20 Cost$14
Ristorante Machiavelli

Italian • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor19 Service22 Cost$27

Coffee Shop • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor21 Service21 Cost$15
Plum Cafe

Vegan • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor23 Service23 Cost$31

Italian • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor22 Service24 Cost$64

Japanese • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor25 Service22 Cost$41
Terra Plata

Spanish • Capitol Hill

Food25 Decor24 Service25 Cost$41

Bar • Capitol Hill

Atmo.24 Decor19 Service21 CostI
Marination Station

Korean • Capitol Hill

Food24 Decor14 Service23 Cost$10

Mexican • Capitol Hill

Food24 Decor24 Service20 Cost$23
Anchovies & Olives

Italian • Capitol Hill

Food24 Decor21 Service22 Cost$39
Dick's Drive-In

Burger • Capitol Hill

Food24 Decor15 Service22 Cost$9
La Bête

Us Pacific Northwest • Capitol Hill

Food24 Decor22 Service22 Cost$39
Oddfellows Cafe + Bar

Bar • Capitol Hill

Atmo.24 Decor23 Service22 Cost 
Purr Cocktail Lounge

Cocktail Bar • Capitol Hill

Atmo.24 Decor22 Service21 CostI
Pho Cyclo Cafe

Vietnamese • Capitol Hill

Food24 Decor19 Service19 Cost$14
Crumble & Flake Patisserie

Bakery • Capitol Hill

Quality23 Appeal22 Service22 CostI
Area 51

Furniture Store • Capitol Hill

Quality23 Appeal22 Service21 CostE
Pine Box

Bar • Capitol Hill

Atmo.23 Decor20 Service20 CostI
Food23 Decor20 Service22 Cost$9
Pho Thân Brothers

Asian • Capitol Hill

Food23 Decor13 Service19 Cost$10

Bar • Capitol Hill

Atmo.23 Decor20 Service19 CostM
Montana Bar

Bar • Capitol Hill

Atmo.23 Decor21 Service22 CostI
Rain Shadow Meats LLC

Butcher Shop • Capitol Hill

Quality23 Appeal22 Service24 CostE
Eat Local

Gourmet Grocery Store • Capitol Hill

Quality23 Appeal22 Service22 CostE
Big Mario's Pizza

Pizza • Capitol Hill

Food23 Decor18 Service21 Cost$11
Cuff Complex

Night Club • Capitol Hill

Atmo.23 Decor18 Service20 CostI
Gamma Ray Games

Game Store • Capitol Hill

Quality23 Appeal21 Service22 CostM
Sun Liquor

Lounge • Capitol Hill

Atmo.23 Decor22 Service23 CostM
Retrofit Home

Home Goods Store • Capitol Hill

Quality23 Appeal22 Service18 CostE

Lounge • Capitol Hill

Atmo.22 Decor20 Service20 Cost 
Le Frock Vintage

Clothing Store • Capitol Hill

Quality22 Appeal21 Service19 CostVE
Linda's Tavern

Bar And Grill • Capitol Hill

Atmo.22 Decor18 Service19 CostI

Gay Bar • Capitol Hill

Atmo.21 Decor17 Service20 CostM