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Lombard Nightlife

Atmo.28 Decor23 Service26 CostM
The Violet Hour

Lounge • Wicker Park

Atmo.28 Decor27 Service24 CostE
The Whistler

Bar • Logan Square

Atmo.28 Decor21 Service23 CostM
Bernard's Bar

Bar • Gold Coast

Atmo.27 Decor26 Service27 CostVE
Coq D'Or

Bar • Streeterville

Atmo.27 Decor25 Service26 CostM
Map Room

Coffee Shop • Bucktown

Atmo.27 Decor20 Service21 CostM
Bar at The Peninsula

Bar • River North

Atmo.26 Decor27 Service27 CostE
Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club

Bar • Wrigleyville

Atmo.26 Decor24 Service23 CostM

Bar • River West

Atmo.26 Decor20 Service24 CostE
Pops for Champagne

Night Club • River North

Atmo.26 Decor24 Service23 CostVE
Signature Lounge at the 96th

Lounge • Streeterville

Atmo.26 Decor23 Service18 Cost$10
The Drawing Room

Bar • Gold Coast

Atmo.26 Decor24 Service25 Cost 
Elixir Lounge

Bar • Lakeview

Atmo.25 Decor24 Service20 CostE

Wine Bar • Magnificent Mile

Atmo.25 Decor23 Service20 CostE

Bar • The Loop

Atmo.25 Decor23 Service20 CostE

Bar • Lincoln Park

Atmo.25 Decor23 Service22 CostM

Bar And Grill • Lakeview

Atmo.25 Decor24 Service26 CostM

Bar • River North

Atmo.25 Decor23 Service24 CostE
694 Wine & Spirits

Wine Bar • River West

Atmo.24 Decor22 Service22 CostE
Barra Ñ

Bar • Avondale

Atmo.24 Decor20 Service21 CostM
BeviAmo Wine Bar

Cocktail Bar • Little Italy/University Village

Atmo.24 Decor21 Service22 CostVE
Big Chicks

Bar • Uptown

Atmo.24 Decor19 Service23 CostM

Bar • Logan Square

Atmo.24 Decor24 Service23 CostM
Cork & Kerry

Irish Pub • Beverly

Atmo.24 Decor22 Service23 CostM
Cork & Kerry at the Park

Pub • Armour Square

Atmo.24 Decor22 Service23 CostM
D.O.C. Wine Bar

Bar • Lincoln Park

Atmo.24 Decor22 Service21 CostM

Bar • Sheffield & DePaul

Atmo.24 Decor21 Service22 CostM
Hungry Brain

Bar • North Center

Atmo.24 Decor24 Service24 CostM
Marquee Lounge

Lounge • Lincoln Park

Atmo.24 Decor19 Service22 CostM
Murasaki Sake Lounge

Bar • Streeterville

Atmo.24 Decor22 Service23 CostE
New Line Tavern

Bar • West Loop

Atmo.24 Decor23 Service24 CostM
Paramount Room

Bar • West Loop

Atmo.24 Decor21 Service23 CostM

Bar • The Loop

Atmo.24 Decor22 Service21 CostE

Bar And Grill • Pilsen

Atmo.24 Decor26 Service23 CostM
Square Bar & Grill

Bar And Grill • Avondale

Atmo.24 Decor18 Service24 CostM
Third Rail Tavern

Pub • West Loop

Atmo.24 Decor22 Service23 CostM
Bar Deville

Bar • East Village

Atmo.23 Decor23 Service20 CostM
Crew Bar & Grill

Bar And Grill • Uptown

Atmo.23 Decor20 Service25 CostM
Davenport's Piano Bar Cabaret

Bar • Wicker Park

Atmo.23 Decor22 Service24 CostE
Downtown Bar & Lounge

Bar • River North

Atmo.23 Decor22 Service20 CostM
Elbo Room

Bar • Lakeview

Atmo.23 Decor21 Service21 CostM
Joe's Bar

Sports Bar • Lincoln Park

Atmo.23 Decor21 Service23 CostM
Le Bar Chicago

Cocktail Bar • Gold Coast

Atmo.23 Decor23 Service23 CostVE
Lockdown Bar & Grill

Bar • Humboldt Park

Atmo.23 Decor22 Service22 CostI

Night Club • Lakeview

Atmo.23 Decor22 Service20 CostM
NV Penthouse Lounge

Night Club • River North

Atmo.23 Decor24 Service19 CostVE

Gay Bar • Lakeview

Atmo.23 Decor24 Service23 CostM
Studio Paris Nightclub

Night Club • River North

Atmo.23 Decor26 Service22 CostE
Atmo.23 Decor23 Service21 CostM
Ten Cat Tavern

Bar • Lakeview

Atmo.23 Decor23 Service22 CostE