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Happy Hour Notable Places in New Orleans

Apple Store, Lakeside Shopping Center

Electronics Store • Metairie

Quality29 Appeal27 Service26 CostE

French • Uptown

Food28 Decor25 Service26 Cost$50
Cochon Butcher

NoneWarehouse District

Food28 Decor21 Service22 Cost$20
Martin Wine Cellar

Wine Store • Mandeville

Quality28 Appeal26 Service26 CostE
Manny Randazzo King Cakes

Bakery • Metairie

Quality28 Appeal23 Service24 CostE
Quality28 Facilities27 Service27 Cost 
Martin Wine Cellar: Metairie

Liquor Store • Metairie

Quality28 Appeal26 Service26 CostE
La Provence

French • Lacombe

Food28 Decor28 Service28 Cost$56
Clancy's Restaurant

Creole • Audubon

Food28 Decor24 Service26 Cost$54

Mens Clothing Store • CBD

Quality28 Appeal26 Service25 CostVE
Angelo Brocato

Ice Cream Shop • Mid-City

Food28 Decor22 Service24 Cost$9
Brigtsen's Restaurant

Contemporary Louisiana • Carrollton

Food28 Decor23 Service27 Cost$54

French • CBD

Food28 Decor28 Service27 Cost$73
GW Fins

Seafood • French Quarter

Food28 Decor26 Service27 Cost$53
Martin Wine Cellar

Gourmet Grocery Store • Uptown

Quality28 Appeal26 Service26 CostE
Hansen's Sno-Bliz

Ice Cream Shop • Uptown

Food28 Decor16 Service22 Cost$5
Columns Hotel Bar

Bar • Uptown

Atmo.28 Decor26 Service22 CostVE
Restaurant Cypress

Creole • Metairie

Food28 Decor22 Service24 Cost$40

Home Goods Store • Audubon

Quality27 Appeal26 Service24 CostE
Maurice French Pastries

Bakery • Metairie

Quality27 Appeal24 Service25 CostE
Elio's Wine Warehouse

Wine Store • Fontainbleau

Quality27 Appeal22 Service24 CostM
Château du Lac

French • Old Metairie

Food27 Decor23 Service23 Cost$46
The Joint

Barbecue • Bywater

Food27 Decor19 Service22 CostM
Commander's Palace

Creole • Garden District

Food27 Decor28 Service28 Cost$65
Nine Roses

Chinese • Gretna

Food27 Decor19 Service22 Cost$23

Home Goods Store • Audubon

Quality27 Appeal26 Service24 CostE
Mignon Faget Ltd.

Jewelry Store • Uptown

Quality27 Appeal27 Service25 CostVE
Yvonne La Fleur

Clothing Store • Carrollton

Quality27 Appeal25 Service24 CostVE
Pat O'Brien's

Bar • French Quarter

Atmo.27 Decor25 Service24 Cost 
St. James Cheese Company

Sandwich Shop • Uptown

Food27 Decor19 Service20 Cost$18

French • Uptown

Food27 Decor25 Service27 Cost$58
Cochon Restaurant

Southern American • Warehouse District

Food27 Decor23 Service24 Cost$43
Saks Fifth Avenue

Department Store • French Quarter

Quality27 Appeal25 Service23 CostVE
Tan Dinh

Vietnamese • Gretna

Food27 Decor15 Service20 Cost$22
Meyer the Hatter

Clothing Store • CBD

Quality27 Appeal23 Service26 CostE
Blue Frog Chocolates

Gourmet Grocery Store • Audubon

Quality27 Appeal26 Service25 CostE

Cocktail Bar • Freret

Atmo.27 Decor27 Service24 CostM

Southern American • Carrollton

Food27 Decor22 Service25 Cost$34

French • CBD

Food27 Decor23 Service25 Cost$48

New American • Garden District

Food27 Decor26 Service25 Cost$48
Rue 127

American • Mid-City

Food27 Decor23 Service25 Cost$46

Shoe Store • Carrollton

Quality27 Appeal22 Service26 CostE
Massey's Professional Outfitters

Sporting Goods Store • Metairie

Quality27 Appeal24 Service24 CostM
Mignon Faget Ltd.

Jewelry Store • French Quarter

Quality27 Appeal27 Service25 CostVE
Jack Sutton Fine Jewelry

Jewelry Store • French Quarter

Quality27 Appeal26 Service25 CostE
The Dakota

Contemporary Louisiana • Covington

Food27 Decor24 Service26 Cost$53

Fine Dining • Uptown

Food27 Decor25 Service26 Cost$51
La Boca

NoneWarehouse District

Food27 Decor22 Service24 Cost$55
Sal & Judy's

Italian • Lacombe

Food27 Decor21 Service25 Cost$40

Italian • CBD

Food27 Decor25 Service24 Cost$39