Chinatown neighborhoods

Vesuvio Cafe

Cocktail Bar • Chinatown

Atmo.25 Decor24 Service21 CostM
Comstock Saloon

Cocktail Bar • Chinatown

Atmo.25 Decor26 Service24 CostE
Golden Gate Bakery

Bakery • Chinatown

Quality25 Appeal17 Service16 CostM
R&G Lounge

Asian • Chinatown

Food25 Decor15 Service18 Cost$38
Z & Y Restaurant

Chinese • Chinatown

Food24 Decor13 Service14 Cost$24
House of Nanking

Chinese • Chinatown

Food24 Decor10 Service16 Cost$24
Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Cookie Shop • Chinatown

Quality24 Appeal16 Service20 CostI
Bund Shanghai Restaurant

Chinese • Chinatown

Food23 Decor10 Service15 Cost$20
Hunan Home's Restaurant

Chinese • Chinatown

Food23 Decor15 Service19 Cost$23
Buddha Lounge Inc

Cocktail Bar • Chinatown

Atmo.23 Decor21 Service20 CostI
Ten Ren Tea

Tea Store • Chinatown

Quality23 Appeal20 Service20 CostM
Li Po Cocktail Lounge

Cocktail Bar • Chinatown

Atmo.22 Decor18 Service22 CostM
Brandy Ho's Hunan Food

Chinese • Chinatown

Food21 Decor15 Service18 Cost$24
Great Eastern Restaurant

Chinese • Chinatown

Food21 Decor16 Service17 Cost$27
Chinatown Kite Shop

Kite Shop • Chinatown

Quality21 Appeal20 Service18 CostM
Mr. Bing's

Cocktail Bar • Chinatown

Atmo.18 Decor13 Service20 CostM
Cafe Zoetrope

Cafe • Chinatown

Food17 Decor22 Service16 Cost$35
Oriental Pearl Restaurant

Chinese • Chinatown

Food- Decor- Service- CostM
The Hancock Room

Bar • Chinatown

Atmo.- Decor- Service- CostM