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Boston Restaurants That Offer Cooking Classes


Believe it or not, you can't learn everything about cooking from food TV. Luckily there are a number of restaurants around Boston that offer cooking classes, wine education and other opportunities to get your culinary skills as sharp as a butcher's blade.


French • Back Bay

Why it's on the list »
Food28 Decor27 Service27 Cost$97
The Bristol Lounge

American • Park Square

Why it's on the list »
Food27 Decor27 Service27 Cost$49
Food26 Decor20 Service20 Cost$13

Peruvian • North End

Why it's on the list »
Food26 Decor20 Service23 Cost$41
Food25 Decor24 Service24 Cost$58
Food25 Decor22 Service23 Cost$45
Elephant Walk

Cambodian • Cambridge

Why it's on the list »
Food24 Decor22 Service22 Cost$34
The Fireplace

New England • Brookline

Why it's on the list »
Food24 Decor22 Service24 Cost$38
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