Must-Try Oyster Happy Hours in NYC


Prefer slurping and shucking shellfish over slugging back cold pints? These are the best oyster happy hours in the Big Apple.

Atmo.25 Decor25 Service18 CostE
Food24 Decor23 Service21 Cost$64
Food24 Decor19 Service21 Cost$48
Crave Fishbar

Seafood • Midtown East

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Food24 Decor20 Service22 Cost$53

Seafood • Gowanus

Why it's on the list »
Food23 Decor21 Service22 Cost$42
The Mermaid Inn

Seafood • East Village

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Food22 Decor18 Service20 Cost$48
Food22 Decor18 Service18 Cost$54
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