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Top Steakhouses in NYC


Whether you like yours well-done or rare, these NYC spots offer some of the best, biggest, juiciest steaks in town.

Quality Meats

Steakhouse • Midtown

Food26 Decor24 Service24 Cost$75
Porter House New York

Steakhouse • Midtown

Food26 Decor25 Service25 Cost$77
Keens Steakhouse

Steakhouse • Midtown

Food26 Decor24 Service24 Cost$76
Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Steakhouse • East Midtown

Food25 Decor21 Service23 Cost$79
Sparks Steak House

Steakhouse • East Midtown

Food25 Decor20 Service23 Cost$85
Strip House

Steakhouse • Greenwich Village

Food25 Decor22 Service22 Cost$79
Benjamin Steak House

Steakhouse • Midtown

Food25 Decor22 Service24 Cost$75
Christos Steak House

Steakhouse • Astoria

Food25 Decor20 Service24 Cost$62
BLT Steak

Steakhouse • East Midtown

Food25 Decor22 Service23 Cost$78
Del Frisco's Steakhouse

Steakhouse • Midtown

Food25 Decor23 Service23 Cost$77
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