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Posada de la Villa

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In Cava Baja, this much loved 17th-century inn offers a modern, more sanitized version of the earthy grilled cuisine that fed the stonemasons who built the building's thick walls. Within a trio of dining rooms whose textured plaster and old stonework are reminiscent of Old Castile, you'll find a hardworking staff and a menu that focuses on a time-honored specialty -- roasted baby lamb -- that's ordered more often than anything else on the menu. Other choices include different versions of hake, Madrid-style tripe, and the rich, savory stew (cocido madrileƱo) that many local residents remember fondly from the days of their childhood. Many of the chairs have brass plaques bearing the names of famous patrons.

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Place Details

9 Calle Cava Baja
Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid 28005

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