10 Boozy Ice Creams to Try This Summer Across America

By Priya Krishna  |  July 28, 2016
Credit: Nicolai McCrary

Booze: it’s not just for cocktails anymore. Ice cream shops across the U.S. are getting—literally—into the spirit and introducing alcoholic-infused flavors to their summer lineups. While it may take more than just a scoop or two to get your buzz on, these shops are masterfully combining classic flavors with eclectic spirits.  

Pisco Sour: Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato (Jersey City, NJ)
The small-batch shop in Jersey City serves a variety of alcohol-infused flavors, including a Pisco Sour, which tastes practically identical to the tart, frothy Peruvian drink.   

150 Bay St., Jersey City, NJ; 201-503-5588

Irish Coffee: Fainting Goat Gelato (Seattle, WA)
Coffee gelato gets a spiked twist (in the form of Irish whiskey) in this flavor, producing a smoky, bittersweet treat. 

1903 N 45th St., Seattle; 206-327-9459

Vodka Cranberry: Gelaterie Pierino (Montreal)
Montreal-based Gelaterie Pierino has transformed one of the most basic of well drinks into an excellent summer refresher with a sour kick. 

1880 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montréal, QC; 514-924-6666

Vanilla Bourbon with Kentucky Pie: Clementine's Naughty & Nice Creamery (St. Louis, MO)
Vanilla and bourbon are a classic combination. This treat ups the decadence level with rich bits of Kentucky pie—made with chocolate chips and pecans—mixed right into a bourbon vanilla ice cream. 

1637 S 18th St., St. Louis; 314-858-6100

The Dublin Honey: The Ice Cream Bar (San Francisco, CA)
This Bay Area institution is known for its old-fashioned ice cream floats. One of its more indulgent offerings, The Dublin Honey, combines Guinness beer, caramelized honey ice cream, Graham’s 10-year tawny port, and a generous drizzle of Valrhona dark chocolate syrup. 

815 Cole St., San Francisco; 415-742-4932

Apple Calvados: Il Laboratorio Del Gelato (New York, NY)
Calvados, the apple brandy from Normandy, France, lends its nutty, aromatic qualities to this gelato—which also contains bits of Fuji apple—making it a bit more interesting than your average fruity flavor.  

188 Ludlow St., New York; 212-343-9922

French Toast: The House (San Antonio, TX)
The House specializes in beer and boozy ice cream. One of its perennial favorite sweet treats, called “French Toast,” takes a classic flavor from childhood, cereal milk, and combines it with a shot of Fireball whiskey.

732 S Alamo St., San Antonio; 210-919-3553

Beer & Pretzels: Purple Door Ice Cream (Milwaukee, WI) 
Salty, chocolate-y, and bitter, this craveable scoop mixes a dark beer from Milwaukee’s own Lakefront Brewery with dark chocolate pretzels, which are hand twirled into each batch. 

205 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee; 414-988-2521

Colorado Margarita: Sweet Action Ice Cream (Denver, CO)
The Colorado Margarita mixes the best of the state’s spirits (Leopold Bros American Orange Liqueur instead of triple sec and Peach Street Distillers’ D’Agave Gold Agave Spirit in place of tequila) with a handmade blend of fresh-squeezed lime, lemon, and orange juice. Sweet Action’s ice cream version is pungent and refreshing, just like the original.  

52 Broadway, Denver; 303-282-4645

Nicolai McCrary

Sangria Sorbet: Prohibition Creamery (Austin, TX)
This relatively new Austin shop serves up both boozy ice creams and cocktails, with a secret alcoholic ice cream flavor revealed on its website each month. An early favorite is the Sangria Sorbet, a creamy (vegan!) concoction made with red wine and fresh berries. 

1407 E 7th St., Austin; 512-992-1449