30 Food Accounts to Follow on Instagram

By Amanda Spurlock  |  October 8, 2013

The Instagram craze has changed the way many of us live our lives - now when doing just about anything (from making breakfast to petting our cats), we pull out our smartphones to turn the moment into digital art. The same goes for the food world of course - chefs, cooks, farmers, brewers and more are sharing their everyday creations and goings-on with the public via the trendy social media platform. Below, our Social Media Editor Amanda Spurlock curates a list of 30 must-follow accounts for the food- and drink-obsessed on Instagram. Let us know your favorites in the comments, and follow us on Instagram right here.

  • Chris Cosentino

    On his Instagram, chef Chris Cosentino of San Francisco provides great offal shots from his own restaurant (calf brains, anyone?), but also gives great little snapshots from his travels, such as his recent pics of Japanese Kit Kat flavors as well as looks at kitchens of different chefs in Japan.

  • Todd Henderson

    The chef at newly opened Fat Jack’s in Vancouver showcases some beautiful plating and, most recently, pies.

  • The Publican

    This account highlights a lot of dishes but is also a celebration of pig... and bacon. Sometimes there are cartoons.

  • Jessica Armstrong of Rye KC in Kansas City, MO

    Sweets are the name of the game with this KC pastry chef, and my, are they ever good-looking. Add in various scenes from Missouri, ridiculous cocktails and behind-the-scenes kitchen shots, and you have one serious must-follow Instagram.

    Pictured far left

  • Jamie Oliver

    Expect some of the most gorgeous food shots, with a strong focus on the healthy. Here we also get glimpses into his dream life and adorable family (children in sunflower fields, etc.)

  • Marcus Samuelsson

    Marcus Samuelsson knows a thing or two about style. His eye for design (and fashion) translates into an Instagram full of beautifully arranged plates and, of course, behind the scenes from shoots with Vanity Fair.

  • Stumptown Coffee

    In our minds, food porn should have its own section for coffee. The Stumptown Coffee Instagram is a lot more than that, with aesthetically pleasing shots of shop interiors, employees (are they required to be good-looking?), food festivals, landscapes and cheeky coffee mugs.

  • Eric Ripert

    How could we not include the Instagram account of chef Eric Ripert, of the Zagat-rated top restaurant in NYC? As you can imagine, there are photos of feasts of epic proportions, shots of the man himself doing his work in the kitchen and even some videos. We only wish he’d Instagram more.

  • Big Gay Ice Cream

    The captions of Big Gay Ice Cream photos are not to be missed. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to operate a ridiculously popular ice cream shop in NYC and take it across the country, plus shots from some of the coolest chefs and other celebs in town (there’s a nice shot of Anthony Bourdain with drag queens), you'll find it here. Also: unicorns.

  • Lindy and Grundy

    Following an Instagram account of a butcher shop is not for everyone, but some of you out there know how to enjoy a good piece of meat. This LA butcher is whole animal the whole time. Expect shots of jerky, sandwiches, peeks at fellow butchers, cool scenes from the farm and, yes, breaking down the beast.

  • Good Beer Hunting

    Not exactly a chef or a restaurant, Good Beer Hunting can't go without mention here. If you’re a fan of the hops and the pils, you’ll want to follow this beautiful journey inside the beer industry showcasing the people, the breweries and the suds that compose this exciting industry.

  • April Bloomfield

    One of the more popular chefs on Instagram (35K followers!) shows not only the food, but also some beautiful kitchens, dishes, menu covers and everything else surrounding the restaurant experience as a whole.

  • Nate Appleman

    Chipotle’s culinary director has one life of adventure. From documenting meals around the country to street food in Turkey, he’s also got one of the cutest kids in town that shows up repeatedly for cameos.

  • YonderWayFarmer

    There would be no restaurant scene if it weren’t for the farm, and the best look at life on a farm is from YonderWayFarmer’s feed. Sunrises over the fields, piglets, chicken coops and a family full of girls.

  • Jenn Louis

    Portland-based chef Jenn Louis is not afraid of getting up close and personal with her food, which is what makes her Instagram so great. From pastas and dishes at her own restaurants, to meals at home, her photos cook up some true food inspiration.

  • Marc Vetri

    Marc Vetri of Philadelphia just opened Pizzeria Vetri, and from the looks of things, it’s going pretty well. And he’s got enough high-quality restaurants and talent on his hands, he’s never short of Instagram material. Bonus: he’s not afraid to post a picture of himself holding a pink-striped umbrella in the rain.

  • Jeff Mahin

    We’re frequently checking in on our past 30 under 30 honorees including the LA-based Mahin who continues to make a name for himself, expanding to a new spot in Santa Monica as well as a donuts shop in Chicago. Chef Mahin is a character, and his Instagram is part kitchen, part pizza and part fast car.

  • Jean-Georges Vongerichten

    Jean-Georges is on Instagram! What more do we need to say about this?

  • Dominique Crenn

    “Food is art” says Dominique Crenn of San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn, and her Instagram would agree. Chef Crenn’s feed is a healthy mix of life and food, featuring guacamole before and afters, shots from hanging out with her crew in Hawaii and some truly gorgeous shots of herself.

  • Richie Nakano

    Any chef who makes a name for himself but goes by the handle “line cook” is a must-follow in our book. Richie Nakano of Hapa Ramen in San Francisco’s feed is a little less glamorous and a little less-refined. That’s why we like it. From tattoos to white-board illustrations to screenshots from emails and photos of broken-down busses, it’s easy to tell when Nakano is having a good time.

  • City Grit

    The culinary saloon from Sarah Simmons in NYC features an ever-changing menu with ever-changing chefs. This leads to a feed that’s nothing but food. Very good food.

  • Matthew Jennings

    Matthew Jennings of Farmstead in Providence, RI, wants you to know where your food comes from. Usually it’s good, but be warned, sometimes it’s not. From campfires and farms to photos of himself relaxing with a beer, Matthew Jennings is a chef worth getting to know.

  • Michael Symon

    The problem with Chew host Michael Symon’s Instagram account is that he doesn’t post enough. But when he does, it’s good. We live for the loving shots of his big dog.

  • Brian Canlis

    The always pretty and interesting photos of Brian Canlis, third-generation owner of Canlis in Seattle, are more focused on travel than food, but sometime you'll get behind-the-scenes shots of the restaurant and other cool tidbits.

  • 50 Eggs

    This Florida-based restaurant and entertainment company highlights shots from their three restaurants: YardBird, Khong River House and Swine. One of our favorite features is Instagrams from the “Sunday Night Confessions” at Khong River House. See example above.

  • Bon Me

    Food-truck accounts are typically fun, but this Boston area truck's scrumptious-looking tofu sandwiches and noodle salads help it stand out. And their mascot is a tiny stuffed carrot.

  • Zoe Nathan Loeb

    Zoe Nathan Loeb of Huckleberry Cafe in Santa Monica uses her Instagram account to remind us why the world is obsessed with pastries and the simple joy you get out of a simple treat.

  • Jamie Bissonnette

    Jamie Bissonnette has been keeping himself busy with Coppa in Boston and his new Toro in NYC. The best thing about Bissonnette’s account is the many shots from the (sometimes messy) kitchen, the jokes and the inappropriateness.

  • Chris Ford

    Pastry chef Chris Ford comes in with another entry into “Chefs with the cutest dog.” He’s also got quite the eye when it comes to composition in his photography, and on Instagram it really shows.

  • Adrienne Byard

    Mixologist Adrienne Byard is living quite the high life in New York, and her various scenes, treats and good-looking cocktails provide a virtual to-do list for drinking and dining in New York.