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By Zagat Staff | September 24, 2013 By Zagat Staff  |  September 24, 2013

Pizza Week is here, and to celebrate we're touring the U.S. to find truly standout pies in every state. Whether it's regional specialities like Detroit deep dish or white clam pie in Connecticut, or unusual varieties like python pizza down in Florida, we've got something for every palate and every citizen in our slide show. What's your favorite local pie? Tell us in the comments.

  • Alabama: Margherita Pie at Bottega Cafe in Birmingham

    You can find some seriously respectable wood-fired pies at Frank Stitt's Bottega Cafe in Birmingham. While varieties like smoked salmon with capers, red onion and mascarpone or the shrimp with guanciale, habaneros and sultana raisins are out of the ordinary, the classic Margherita pie is our favorite go-to. 

  • Alaska: The Avalanche at Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria in Anchorage

    Talk about a kitchen-sink pizza: The Avalanche at much beloved Moose's Tooth in Anchorage is a sort of mash-up of several classic pies. It comes piled with pepperoni, blackened chicken, barbecue sauce, bacon, red onions, parsley, cheddar, mozzarella and provolone. Unlike the thin-crust Neapolitan styles that have dominated pizza talk recently, Moose's boasts a substantial crust, with whole wheat and gluten-free options.

  • Arizona: Margherita Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix

    Not only is this considered the best pizza in the state of Arizona, it’s often considered the best in the United States. Bronx native Chris Bianco’s Margherita pie is made with all organic ingredients and built on a foundation yielding a puffy, crispy crust that’s blistered on the outside and perfectly chewy on the inside. It’s topped with Bianco brand San Marzano tomatoes that add just the right amount of zing, along with the made-in-house-daily mozzarella that melts into a soft, creamy blanket. Add to that a snippet of fresh-torn basil and a dash of sea salt, and you have the most simple, yet perfect, pizza pie.

  • Arkansas: Special Pie at Zaza Fine Salad + Wood Oven Pizza Co. in Little Rock

    Arkansas-grown wood goes into the oven at Zaza, helping create the thin, slightly charred Neapolitan-style crust the place is known for. Owners use fresh ingredients, many of them imported from Italy and San Marzano tomatoes. Try the special pie, a not-run-of-the-mill combination of those three ingredients plus caramelized onion, cherry tomatoes, lemon, Parmesan and mozzarella. It's the best of this place's salad and pizza, combined.

  • California: Watsonville Apple Pizza at Pizza My Heart, Multiple Locations

    Ironically, Pizza My Heart co-founder Chuck Hammer said this pizza with apple on top of it started with their company’s deep desire to put bacon on a pizza. “Who hasn’t seen the classic pig with an apple in its mouth?” asks Hammer. More importantly, the salty-sweet combo just works. In addition to the bacon and fruit, Hammer’s team added spicy pepperoni to the mix to make it loud and clear that this was still a pizza. The gorgonzola added at the end rounds everything off with a creamy finish. In-the-know tip: you can custom-order nitrate-free bacon for your pie.

  • Colorado: Mountain Pizza at Beau Jo’s Pizza, Mulitple Locations

    In a land where everyone stereotypically skies, hikes, snowboards and goes white-water rafting, it’s only fitting that Colorado's iconic pizza isn’t a thin, plain slice but rather a hearty, deep-dish pie filled with energy-giving ingredients. The hand-rolled thick crust - choose between honey white, honey wheat or gluten-free - nicely contains the filling, and any leftovers make a nice dessert when dipped in honey. First choose your sauce - homemade standard red sauce, pork green chile, ranch dressing or even fresh salsa. Next, pick as many topping as you want, with options including turkey pepperoni, red-hot chicken, green chiles, three types of olives, ricotta, feta and even Swiss. Even if some of the additions sound strange, Beau Jo’s must have had the right idea because now they have seven statewide locations, all selling these filling pies.

  • Connecticut: White Clam Pie at Frank Pepe in New Haven

    There's a reason Frank Pepe routinely inspires a line down New Haven's Wooster Street: that crust! It's coal-fired perfection, thin yet substantial - a true feat of pizza engineering. You can pick up a slice, and it won't flop over like most new-school Neapolitan pies. The most justly famous option is the white clam, piled with out-of-the-shell longnecks and a healthy dose of garlic - it's briny, creamy, chewy and a true revelation. When it's in season (summer only), the fresh tomato pie is also incredible.

  • Delaware: Bianco Broccoli at Ciao Pizza in Wilmington

    There are three components of pizza - the crust, the sauce and the cheese - and Wilmington’s Ciao Pizza in Trolley Square nails each one down. Their pizza crust is thin, yet served New York-style by the slice, and Delawareans in the know flock to Ciao for their array of toppings and consistently good pies. The buffalo chicken is a local favorite, but the Bianco Broccoli white pie is a standout (it’s made with ricotta, tomatoes, lots of fresh garlic and spice) and is one of the greatest offerings found in the First State.

  • Florida: The Everglades Pie at Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers

    A little over a year ago, the owners of Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza had an idea: Why not put python on a pizza? Thus, their Everglades pizza was born. But it’s not just snake on a pie. Owner Evan Daniell adds whole frog legs and alligator sausage for extra flair. He gets the python from Vietnam for roughly $66 per pound. The frog legs come from China, and the gator from the local fish market. “It’s $45 for a 14-in. pie,” says Daniell, "so I didn’t know if it would last. But people come across the coast to get it now, and we’ll get guys on dares and people coming out to order one for their birthday.” What does python taste like? “Like a snake,” jokes Daniell. “We marinate it in Italian dressing to take away some of the gamey flavor.”

  • Georgia: Holy Shiitake Pie at Mellow Mushroom in Georgia

    Mellow Mushroom is super consistent in their theme. From the decor to the pizza titles, they’re a psychedelic joint who likes to have fun. And that translates to their pizzas. The Holy Shiitake pie is incredibly loaded: it has shiitake, button and portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, mozzarella and Montamore cheeses, garlic aïoli, black truffle oil, fresh chives and shaved Parmesan. Holy shiitake is right: there are so many elements here that it’s hard to decide which one probably makes it best, but we’re now wondering why we’ve never put aïoli on a pizza before.

  • Hawaii: BBQ Chicken at Big Kahuna's Pizza in Honolulu

    Did you know that Hawaiian pizza (the kind with ham and pineapple) didn’t originate in Hawaii? A Greek restaurant owner in Canada was rumored to have created it. So while pineapples grow there, Hawaii isn’t its home. Big Kahuna’s has a Hawaiian pizza, but they call it a “West Coast favorite,” and they offer plenty of other notable options. Their BBQ chicken is topped with BBQ sauce on top of the BBQ chicken on it. When it’s always the perfect grilling weather, why not double up?

  • Idaho: Potato and Bacon at Piehole in Boise

    Sticking to its most famous export, Piehole’s potato and bacon provides comfort on a pie. It’s topped with alfredo sauce as well, making it creamy and hearty. Piehole is open late (4 AM on weekends) serving cheaper-than-cheap beers and pizza by the slice. It’s good for a quick slice or splitting a 19-in. pie with friends.

  • Illinois: Pepperoni and Giardiniera at Pizano's in Chicago

    Deep dish is the “thing” in Chicago, but it’s not the only thing that Chicagoans eat. The cornmeal crust on most thin-crust pizzas makes them special, and Pizano’s does it well. Giardiniera is arguably a Chicago specialty, with pizzas, subs and hot dogs topped with them frequently. It’s not even on the menu at Pizano’s, but it’s available. The meat and heat combo really sums up what pizza in Chicago is all about.

  • Indiana: Pizza Alla Quattro Formaggio at Bazbeaux

    Bazbeaux was named the city's best pizza by Indianapolis Monthly every year for two decades after its opening, and while its streak has ended, the love of Indianapolis residents lives on. They’ve got interesting toppings like black bean dip, capers and tuna, but the Pizza Alla Quattro Formaggio keeps it pretty simple. The name of this pie is super misleading. Five cheeses top this one, even though the title says quattro: Romano, cheddar, ricotta, mozzarella and provolone. This one sounds like it’s 100% about cheese, but they throw some bacon and mushroom on it to give it some hearty elements.

  • Iowa: Flying Tomato at Wig and Pen

    This Iowa-city favorite offers everything from deep dish to thin crust, and the Flying Tomato is quite literally the in-between. Wig and Pen’s signature pie is both a pan pie and a stuffed pizza, somehow maintaining its own unique form that doesn’t look like any other types of pizza. Topped with mozzarella and tomato slices, it’s not deep enough to be deep dish and not thin enough to be a regular pan, so it’s essentially the just-right Goldilocks version of pizza.

  • Kansas: d’Bronx Special at d’Bronx Deli and Pizzeria, Multiple Locations

    This Kansas City tribute to New York’s northernmost borough is known for its thin crust and generous toppings; go for the eponymous slice and eat through a pile of pepperoni, Italian sausage, meatball, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and black olives.

  • Kentucky: Meats Pizza at Impellizeri's in Louisville

    Impellizeri's makes its pizzas with two layers of toppings and two layers of cheese, and for that fact alone we understand why it’s so popular. It applies the “you can’t have too much of a good thing” mentality to its meats pizza, topped with pepperoni, homemade Italian sausage, ham, bacon and housemade meatballs. Here’s hoping all that meat doesn’t flop off when you pick it up.

  • Louisiana: Margherita at Pizza Delicious in New Orleans

    Pizza Delicious was created when two former New Yorkers weren’t satisfied with their local pizza options. It started out as a pop-up only open one night a week, but now Pizza Delicious is a full-service restaurant with a decidedly hipster vibe that's open six days a week. They regularly have specials, but you can’t go wrong with their Margherita with fresh mozzarella, basil and Parmesan.

  • Maine: Sicilian Slab at Micucci's Italian Grocer in Portland

    Micucci’s is classic Italian deli all the way: rows of Italian imports like pasta and and olives, a deli counter and, as of a few years ago, a bakery in the back. Don't forget their output of these Sicilian slabs with extremely thick pillowy crusts and rectangular shape. When the bakers are between batches, they prop up a folded paper plate noting the approximate time the next pizzas will be done. You can’t really get much more old-school than that.

  • Maryland: Bacon and Clam Pizza at Joe Squared in Baltimore

    This popular Baltimore pizzeria makes use of its primo local seafood by plopping it onto pizzas. Joe Squared’s thin-crust pizzas are coal-fired and made with sourdough starter. Options include multiple crab pizza, one loaded with four types of seafood, and a bacon and clam pie made with white sauce, mozzarella, Romano, asiago and oregano.

  • Massachusetts: The Giambotta at Regina Pizzeria in Boston

    Serving up pizza for close to 90 years is no small feat. At Regina Pizzeria (formerly Regina Pizza), it’s the brick oven that keeps the crust crispy and the pies rolling out. With Sinatra on the jukebox, beers served by the pitcher and pies like The Giambotta (pepperoni, housemade Regina sausage, salami, mushrooms, peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese), Boston has a little slice of Italy right in its city.

  • Michigan: Detroit-Style Pizza at Buddy's Restaurant, Multiple Locations

    What exactly is Detroit-style pizza? Well, it's square, deep-dish and features the sauce atop the cheese and other toppings in healthy blotches. We realize many of you NY-style pizza fans may be cringing at this point, but the pies at Buddy's are truly delicious. The rich, buttery, but not too heavy crust is perfectly crispy and chewy, and the sauce is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. If you happen to be in the Detroit Metro area, you should give these Midwestern pies a whirl.

  • Photo by: Ryan Jensen

    Minnesota: The Forager at Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis

    If you head to Minneapolis’ Pizzeria Lola, you can find some of the best and most unique pizzas around. So it stands to reason that even though owner Ann Kim is Korean, she would find a way to create a pie that pays homage to the Scandinavian side of the state. Hence, The Forager pizza, a wood-fired pie topped with an array of mushrooms including crimini, shiitake and portabella, as well as truffle oil, tarragon, taleggio and fontina cheese. Okay, so the ingredients aren’t actually foraged in the wilds of Minnesota, but we imagine if any of the iconic Norse chefs came here and wanted to make a locally harvested pizza, it would taste a lot like this.

  • Mississippi: Pizza di Patate at Tribecca Allie Cafe

    Award-winning pizza slingers Dutch and Rebecca Van Oostendorp are NYC expats who moved to Sardis, Mississippi, and opened this über-popular pizzeria. The Pizza “di patate” is one of our favorites, featuring olive oil, thin-sliced potato, whole-milk mozzarella, cheddar, bacon, chives and sour cream.  But of course, you should also try the award-winning Rosa pie while you’re at it.

  • Missouri: Imo’s Pizza in St. Louis, Multiple locations

    Imo’s has been lauded for their paper-thin crust that’s since become a signature style of St. Louis pizza. “The Square Beyond Compare” is so popular that Imo’s has grown to almost 100 locations spanning Missouri and Illinois. Despite the fact that it's now a chain, the completely unique style of slice (or square, rather) is what makes this STL institution a winner. The crackerlike crust is topped with a mellow red sauce and provel cheese then baked until crispy, but not quite burnt. What is provel, you ask? A household name in St. Louis, this gooey, white processed cheese is made with a combination of smoked provolone, cheddar and Swiss that imparts a completely unique flavor (and texture) on a pizza.

  • Montana: Meatball Verde Pie at Biga Pizza

    Missoula’s Biga Pizza uses local ingredients to top its creative pies, which range from fennel marmalade, bacon and gouda to quattro formaggio. But the Meatball Verde is one of the most unique combos, featuring broccoli rabe, local beef, herbed mascarpone, mozzarella, garlic, olive oil and housemade cilantro-jalapeño sauce.

  • Nebraska: Special Pies at Dante Pizza Napoletana in Omaha

    The wood-fired Neapolitan-style pies they’re churning out here are topped with creative local ingredients (they list their purveyors on their website) and visit-worthy, and they strictly adhere to the Neapolitan guidelines of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. We love all the varieties, but it's special pies like the BLT - pork belly, tomato and basil - that never fail to surprise and delight.

  • Nevada: SetteBello Pizza at SetteBello Pizzeria Napoletana in Henderson

    Vegas-ites will make the 20-minute drive to the suburb of Henderson just to eat at SetteBello, and it's not hard to see why. This is real, floppy Napoletana-style, you'll-want-a-knife-and-fork pizza, the best example of which is the eponymous pie. Topped with tomatoes, housemade Italian sausage, pancetta, roasted mushrooms, pine nuts, basil and olive oil, it's a savory-flavor dream.

  • New Hampshire: The Bella Cosa at 900 Degrees in Manchester

    Made in a wood-fired oven that’s said to reach temperatures exceeding the restaurant’s name, the Bella Cosa - a pie topped with roasted garlic cream sauce, caramelized onions, baby spinach, rosemary ham, prosciutto and fresh mozzarella - is a favorite of regulars at this Manchester pizzeria.

  • New Jersey: The Steak and Potatoes Pie at Marino’s in Runnemede

    A family-run pizza shop for the past 43 years, Marino’s started making some crazy specialty pizzas about five years ago. Dan Marino, son of the founder, says their rather unusual chicken parm pizza, made with housemade breaded chicken cutlets, and the family’s secret sauce recipe, is a best seller. But the prize for most unusual pizza goes to the steak and potatoes pizza, a thin-crust white pie topped with American and mozzarella cheese, fresh-cut rib-eye and steak fries.

  • New Mexico:  Green Chile Pizza at Giovanni's in Albuquerque

    Yes, Giovanni’s is definitely an Italian joint, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take the local flavors and turn them into a desert-style pizza. They do this with both the Supreme and their New Mexican, a concoction of chicken, ricotta, garlic, red onions and, finally, the ingredient that makes both these pies this state’s illustrious pizza, green chiles. Actually, all over New Mexico you can find pizza, as well as burgers, eggs, steak and whatnot, topped with green chiles, that hearty, smoky and spicy capsicum that grows famously in Hatch, but also all over the state.

  • New York: Regular Pie at Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn

    Located in not-exactly-central Midwood, Brooklyn, Di Fara's pilgrimage-worthy pies are all lovingly handmade by master pizzaiolo Dom DiMarco, who can be seen behind the counter taking his time scissoring basil and drizzling olive oil with an almost Zenlike concentration (his deliberation partly accounts for the lines down the block, but nobody minds). Divorces have no doubt been filed over which pie is best, but our favorite is the regular round pie, which needs no more adornment than bright tomato sauce, just the right amount of mozzarella and Parm, plus a generous dose of fresh basil and olive oil to finish.

  • North Carolina: South of the Border at Lilly's Pizza, Multiple Locations

    When a food is described as “atomic," you know you’re in for a ride. The South of the Border at Lilly’s features, yes, atomic sauce, along with black bean salsa, diced jalepeños, roasted chiles and a bunch of ingredients that won’t melt your mouth off like chicken, sharp cheddar and Monterey jack. The kitchen also tries to use local and natural ingredients, so you can expect a lot of antibiotic-free meats and organic veggies.

  • North Dakota: Sausage Pie at Sammy's Pizzeria & Restaurant in Fargo

    Sammy's has been slinging classic American pies for more than 50 years, and its old-school digs remain practically unchanged. The crust is not too thin and not too thick, the sauce is nicely seasoned, and pies emerge appealingly bubbly from the oven. You don't want to corrupt this formula with too many toppings: Italian sausage rounds it out nicely.

  • Ohio: Sunnyside at Bar Cento in Cleveland

    Bar Cento caters to the sophisticated pizza lover who wants cheese, charcuterie and some wine before devouring a pie. Opt for the Sunnyside, which features runny egg yolks on a cracker-thin crust that's somehow strong enough to also accomodate provolone and housemade pancetta.

  • Oklahoma: Paradise Pie at Hideaway Pizza, Multiple Locations

    Oklahomans have been swearing by these Hawaiian-themed joints since the 1950s, and no pie is more emblematic of the Kahuna (the pizzeria’s mascot) than the Paradise Pie, topped with alfredo sauce, mozzarella and smoked provolone cheese, garlic chicken, smoked bacon, fresh sliced mushrooms, fresh spinach and diced Roma tomatoes.

  • Oregon: Thai Chicken Pizza at Kaleidoscope Pizza in Oregon

    Kaleidoscope Pizza has made a name for itself with zany pizzas like the Thai chicken, which has continually been offered as a special since the spot opened in 2004. The thin-crust pie is covered in a mixture of mozzarella and provolone cheeses, then finished off with thinly sliced chicken breast, shredded red onions, bean sprouts, shredded carrots and - instead of marinara sauce - spicy housemade peanut sauce. It’s got a little kick to cut through the richness of the cheese.

  • Pennsylvania: Pierogi Pie at Jioio’s in Greensburg

    At Jioio’s in Western Pennsylvania, they’ve been making this pierogi pizza for about 40 years. Pizza maker Wakefield Herrington says the pie probably springs from the steel-mill town’s long-standing concentration of Polish immigrants. Jioio’s signature slightly sweet, pie-like crust is topped with onions, garlic, American and mozzarella cheeses and a heaping pile of smooth mashed potatoes. The 1.5-in.-thick pie is then baked to golden brown. “Cut into it, and it looks like a piece of lasagna,” says Herrington. “It’s quite popular and very filling.”

  • Rhode Island: Chicken Bacon and Ranch Pie at Via Via in Newport

    The wood-fired pizzas at this Newport favorite are cooked with seasoned wood and topped with a variety of primo ingredients. Varieties like Spicy Meatball and Shrimp and Pesto are unique (they do a Thai chicken too), but the chicken, bacon and ranch combo is just unadulterated guilty-pleasure goodness.

  • South Carolina: Vanwall Special at Monza in Charleston

    Named after a legendary Italian raceway, Monza’s racecar theme may not be the classic Italian atmosphere of most pizzerias, but there’s no doubt they take their pies seriously. The Neapolitan pies feature locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and a good part of their appeal lies in the crust. The dough is made with imported San Felice wheat flour and natural Neapolitan yeast, then wood-fired at 1,000 degrees. The Vanwall Special features local white shrimp, pesto, mozzarella and tomatoes, and you can taste all that attention to detail.

  • South Dakota: Surprise Pizza at BellaLuna in Arlington

    The wood-fired pizzas at this Arlington specialty pie shop debunk the idea that there's no authentic pizza in the Mt. Rushmore state. Varieties like goat cheese and basil pesto, Thai chicken and mushrooms with truffle oil will please any discerning palate. But the surprise option allows you to sample whatever ingredients are freshest that day - plus, it's so much more fun when you don't know what kind of pie you'll be getting.

  • Tennessee: Salsiccia at Bella Napoli Pizzeria in Nashville

    Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables, so throw it on your pizza and you’re eating health food, right? Ok, maybe not, but that's not going to stop us from enjoying the Salsiccia at Nashville’s Bella Napoli Pizzeria, which also features Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella and garlic. They import most ingredients from Italy and list details about them on their site. This isn’t a place with a massive menu or crazy ingredients, but one that has a great assortment of traditional pies.

  • Texas: Mexican Pizza at Texas Royal

    What do you get when you cross Tex-Mex with Italian? That’s right, a pizza topped with refried beans, ground beef, taco seasoning, onion, jalapeños, cheddar, mozzarella and fresh salsa. At Texas Royal in Cleburne, a suburb of Fort Worth, they take the idea of Tex-Mex pizza to another level by also offering the Fajita Nacho Pizza, made on a cracker-thin crust, and the Atomic Moo, which is similar to their Mexican pizza, though it only has spiced ground beef, fresh jalapeños, red chiles and a whole lot of cheese.

  • Utah: The Mahk Anthony at Nicolitalia Pizza

    Founded by a Boston transplant, this Provo pizza joint is a tribute to the New England-style. Utahns laud the Boston-accented Mahk Anthony, which comes with chicken cutlets, spinach, garlic, Romano cheese, hot peppers, bacon and mozzarella.

  • Vermont: Salsiccia at Positive Pie

    The positive vibes are potent in this pizza joint that embodies what Vermont's culinary scene is all about: sustainable ingredients and a local focus. Their salsiccia features two toppings: spicy Italian sausage and whole-milk ricotta cheese, which makes the pie extra rich, filling and satisfying. Bonus: there are also gluten-free pizzas if you’re looking to avoid carbs.

  • Virginia: The Special at Crozet Pizza in Crozet

    Crozet Pizza looks like a barn, and in that barn they’re churning out pizzas that National Geographic's travel guide named the best pizza in the world. Why? They’ve been in the same spot for 35 years and have used the same dough recipe the whole time. These days, the "Special" - topped with mushroom, onion, green pepper, pepperoni and sausage - accounts for about 25% of all their orders.

  • Washington: Specialty Pizza at Rocco's in Seattle

    Last year, a pizzeria opened in the Belltown section of Seattle serving up fresh, homemade pies just like Nonna used to make (if Nonna's name was Rocco). As a rule, they make as much as possible in-house, including the ricotta, for their many specialty pizzas. Since Belltown is full of night owls, they're open until 2 AM, and since this is Seattle, there are plenty of options for vegetarians, vegans and the gluten-intolerant. For something a little unusual, try the sliced pears, gorgonzola and arugula. Not just a sit-down joint, Rocco's is not snobby about selling any of their pizzas by the slice. But sit down and stay awhile, and get a whole pie and a few of their excellent cocktails.

  • West Virginia: Black Bean Pizza at Pies and Pint

    An extensive beer menu and totally unique pies, like the popular Black Bean Pizza - topped with black beans, jalapeños, salsa, cilantro and crème fraîche - draw masses of pizza lovers to this restaurant’s five locations.

  • Wisconsin: Green and Gold Pizza at Wild Tomato

    As you may have heard, Wisconsin makes some of the best cheese in the country. They’re so well known for it that residents are called cheeseheads and fans of their football team wear cheese hats at games. One of Wild Tomato’s pizzas is an homage to that team (the Green Bay Packers) - the Green and Gold has roasted chicken, bacon, grilled broccoli, spinach and real Wisconsin cheese curds on top. Be sure to follow their advice: “Ask for some ranch for dipping to be a true fan.”

  • Wyoming: Barbecue Pork at The Pizza Place 

    In the middle of the small ranching community of Lusk in Eastern Wyoming lies a place with pizza that people will drive an hour to eat. Barbecue pork is the popular topping on their pies, which they’ve been making for over 30 years. With only a few restaurants in town, Lusk is pretty lucky to have The Pizza Place pumping out pizzas.

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