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Adam Richman's Show Postponed, Oreo Launches Limeade Flavor and More

By Patty Lee  |  July 1, 2014

Bad Host: Travel Channel has postponed the premiere of Adam Richman's new show "Man Finds Food" after the host went on an Instagram tirade. [Chicago Tribune]

In the Limelight: Oreo keeps on rolling out the wacky combos — following in the footsteps of last summer's watermelon, this season's new flavor is limeade. [LA Weekly]

Flavor Loaded: In other junk food news, Doritos Loaded — a wedge-shaped mozzarella stick coated in the chip's signature flavor — will hit 7-Eleven shelves tomorrow. [First We Feast]

Raise a Pint: A beer geek from St. Louis has engineered a keg that will keep craft beers fresh and carbonated in the comfort of your home. [Esquire]

Pay Up: Several pizzerias across the country have been hit with extortion letters asking for bitcoins. [The Wire]