10 Totally Insane-Looking Dishes and Drinks in Boston

They may look crazy, but they taste crazy awesome
February 1, 2016
by Scott Kearnan

From burritos so big they'll make your eyes explode to smoking communal cocktails served in copper bird baths — we've found some wild-looking eats and drinks around Boston. Looks aren't everything, but let's face it: a little camera appeal never hurt nobody. Read on for the most insane-looking dishes in town.

The Cubio at Anna's Taqueria

Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. The Chupacabra. Monstrous beasts that will live in folklore forever. Now add to the list the Cubio ($18.75), an off-menu giant at Anna's Taqueria. The local, six-location taqueria chain serves it only on request — and that's because this thing is a behemoth: three overlapping tortillas rolled into a 30-inch whopper stuffed with your picks of meat, cheese, guacamole, salsa and veggies. It weighs about four pounds. That's an insane amount of food.  

446 Harvard St., Brookline; 617-277-7111, plus additional locations

Ready For Take Off at Baldwin Bar

If you needed more proof that Ran Duan deserved his recent 30 Under 30 nod nod for his work at the (recently expanded) Baldwin Bar, we present Exhibit A: this communal drink ($100) of Absolut Elyx, crème Yvette, Aperol and citrus, served in a copper swan. On its back is a halved coconut loaded with dry ice and essential oils that create a tropical fragrant fog. 

2 Alfred St., Woburn; 781-935-8488

Killer Bee at Boston Burger Company

This trio of local burger joints has earned a rep for some outlandish varieties, including the Mac Attack (a beef patty topped with four-cheese mac 'n' cheese) to the Kitchen Sink (topped with pretty much everything). Our favorite is the Killer Bee ($9), a burger topped with American cheese and enough thick-cut, beer-battered onion rings to constitute an app on its own. It's drizzled with loads of honey-BBQ sauce, looking something like a sticky beehive. We'll buzz right by. 

37 Davis Sq., Somerville; 617-440-7361, plus additional locations

Wasabi Roulette at Hojoko

One of these things does not belong...but there's actually a good reason why someone left a baby bottle on your dish. Hojoko, the irreverent izakaya from the team behind O Ya, displays its quirky sense of humor with this dish of wasabi roulette ($15): six negitoro sushi rolls, one of which is loaded with a super-serious dose of wasabi. If you're the one suddenly slammed with overwhelming heat, reach for the bottle where a cooling antidote of piña colada cocktail awaits. You have to be crazy to come up with this. 

1271 Boylston St.; 617-670-0507

Tempura Lobster Roll at Legal Harborside

This probably isn't what you imagine when you hear "lobster roll." This insane-looking beast from the deep takes the idea a bit more literally. It's a gorgeous-looking display of tempura lobster (market price), avocado, tobiko, teriyaki and spicy mayo, bookended by the head and tail of the creature that created it. Y'know, just in case you forgot. 

270 Northern Ave.; 617-477-2900

Foie Gras at Liquid Art House

Clio alum chef Doug Rodrigues has just stepped into the kitchen at Liquid Art House, totally updating the menu at the restaurant-slash-gallery in the process. Among the highlights is La Belle Farm foie gras ($19) with licorice and onion jam. The real star of the plate, though, is a cool and curious purple orb. It's actually blown hibiscus sugar, inspired by the purple, giant LU Murano chandelier of Venetian hand-blown glass that hangs above the main bar. 

100 Arlington St.; 617-457-8130

Bloody Mary Bar at MET Back Bay

No, you're not drunk (yet). Those are really cheeseburger sliders hanging off the edge of a glass. MET Back Bay has one of the most noteworthy Bloody Mary bars in the city, with fixings and garnishes that include mini burgers, shrimp and lobster, garlic cloves and strips of bacon. Bloody great idea. 

279 Dartmouth St.; 617-267-0451

Asian BBQ Hog Head at Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar

Even those who love a whole roast might be temporarily taken aback by the pure visual of this Somerville spot's communal hog head ($39.95) for two to four diners. It's lacquered with a glossy BBQ sauce made with gochujang, a Korean condiment of fermented red chile, and served with ginger-scallion relish and biscuits.

381 Summer St., Somerville; 617-629-9500

Israeli Osetra Caviar at STRIP By Strega

From its leather booths illuminated with Vegas-like LED glows to the DJ booth by the bar, STRIP By Strega is a steakhouse that serves everything but subtlety. And you've got to dig it when the results are as dramatic as the osetra caviar ($185). Just in case dining on one of the world's most coveted caviars wasn't eventful enough, STRIP serves it over “smoking” dry ice that billows over an array of accompaniments, including red onion, shaved egg yolk, crème fraîche, cornichons, capers, chopped Italian flat-leaf parsley and housemade blini (potato pancake).

64 Arlington St.; 617-456-5300

Moscow Mule at Yvonne's

Would you like a copper mug the size of your mug? Behold the jaw-dropping Moscow Mule ($95) at Yvonne's. There's enough Ketel One, housemade ginger purée, cucumber soda and lime in there to inebriate a small army. Consider us reporting for duty. 

2 Winter Pl.; 617-267-0047

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