11 Cheesiest Dishes in Boston

The creamiest, gooiest, most decadent ones we could find
November 24, 2014
by Scott Kearnan

From deep-dish mac 'n' cheese to fabulous fondue, here's where to find some choice, super-cheesy plates. 

Blue-cheese custard at 80 ThoreauIt's not for the faint of heart, but it's definitely for those with a heart for fromage. This Concord spot soars with a beautiful blue-cheese custard ($13) with celery root and cranberry, for a bit of tart to complement the sharpness of the cheese. 

Four-cheese fondue with lobster at Anthem Kitchen + BarWhat's better than dipping toasted ciabatta into a burbling four-cheese fondue ($13) of cheddar, Parmesan, blue and fontina? Dipping in sweet chunks of lobster meat ($21). We want our claws in this. Now. 

Queso fundido at Besito Mexican. It may be a starter, but this is one dense and hearty dish. The newly opened local outpost of the small, upscale Mexican brand features a queso fundido ($8.95) of baked queso Chihuahua with housemade chorizo, cilantro and white onion. 

Pork-belly mac 'n' cheese at Boston ChopsChef Chris Coombs' South End steakhouse found a way to make a great thing better: add pork belly. This mac 'n' cheese ($13) of aged Gouda is laden with pork belly, plus a side of cloth-bound cheddar. 

Buffalo duck pizza with blue-cheese fondue at Gather. A cheesy pizza is a dime a dozen — but here's one worth every penny. Buffalo-style duck ($15) is served on a flatbread with a three-cheese blend, tomato confit and pancetta. The clincher? A blue-cheese fondue for dipping. 

Beer cheese soup at Lulu's AllstonBeer cheese soup is hard to get right; if it's not amateurishly boozish, the cheese comes off too sharp. But this smokin' blond beer cheese soup ($6), made with smoked Gouda and IPA, strikes a flavorful balance that is out of this world. 

Three-cheese grilled cheese at Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese. Boston has plenty of great grilled cheese sandwiches. But here's one that is especially stuffed with gooey goodness: the three-cheese ($5) of cheddar, Muenster and fontina. 

Double cheddar frik sandwich at SausThis poutine palace serves its so-called frik sandwich ($8), a bread bun stuffed with hand-rolled beef and pork sausage, in a variety of ways. Order it "double cheddar," and you'll find it layered with sharp cheddar slices and smothered in a signature cheddar sauce. 

Cheese board at The Salty PigThere are a lot of places to find charcuterie and cheese boards, but few hit the spot like Salty Pig. This Back Bay favorite is a must-try for its always-changing assortments: from soft Belgian cow cheeses to buttery Spanish sheep or tangy Californian goat varieties. Always a surprise — but always worth pigging out. 

Mac 'n' cheese at Stephanie's on NewburyThis mac 'n' cheese ($19) has been on Stephanie's menu since it opened 20 years ago, and the recipe hasn't changed a bit: a three-cheese combo of cheddar, Romano and Asiago, topped with buttery brown bread crumbs. Want more? Add proscuitto and truffle oil ($22). 

Mac 'n' cheese at The Tip Tap RoomOkay, okay: one more mac 'n' cheese. This guilty pleasure ($13) uses PBR beer cheese, crumbled Ritz crackers and actual Cheez-Its. As far as gourmet junk food goes, it's one of our favorites