11 Passover Dining Options Around NYC

Special menus and more
March 25, 2015
by Sara Ventiera

The evening of April 3 marks the start of Passover, but if your ant-sized kitchen (or entire apartment) is too small to host family and friends, don’t fret: there are plenty of special meals being offered over the city. Here are 11 NYC restaurants featuring specials to commemorate the holiday.

Freds at Barneys 

Here’s a chance to Seder in style. Freds is serving a specially curated non-kosher menu at Barneys' Madison Avenue flagship store. Before strolling up and down the racks, nosh on family-style dishes like Mark’s gentile fish with red and white horseradish, Freds’ famous matzoh ball soup and homemade Sephardic charosets. Many of the items come from executive chef Mark Strausman’s own family recipes (including Mrs. Strausman’s slow-roasted brisket). The menu is $95 per person, excluding drinks, tax and tip. (212-833-2200)


Seder is going south of the border at all three Toloache locations. Executive chef Julian Medina is honoring the holiday with a selection of Mexican/Jewish hybrid dishes; each Passover selection aims to integrate the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine with Jewish influences. Traditional matzo ball soup gets kicked up a notch with zucchini, carrot, epazote and jalapeño scented chicken consommé, in Julian’s Matzo Ball Soup. Tacos de brisket combine Matzo tortillas with chipotle braised brisket, avocado and salsa. Guacomole con pescado ahumado, mixes customary guac with achiote smoked Yucatan-style whitefish salad; matzo comes on the side. To wash it all down, the joint is serving two types of kosher tequila and a Sabra Margarita with Don Diego Kosher Tequila, prickly pear, agave nectar and lime. (212-581-1818)

Breads Bakery

Specializing in Northern European pastries created by Israeli master baker Uri Scheft, Breads offers unique takes on time-honored Jewish holiday treats. For Passover, the shop is proffering a flourless menu of sweets with classics like coconut macaroons, almond crunch, chocolate chip cookies and a mixed holiday assortment. Cakes range from brownie and chocolate mousse to poppy chocolate and fruit tart. Date and nut rolls, Danish marzipan petit fours and chocolate truffles are available for light bites. And there are Seder specific items, like haroset (house-made nut and date chutney) and matzoh quiche with mushroom and Jerusalem artichoke. Everything is on sale through April 10. (212-633-2253)

Rosa Mexicano 

Mexican Passover is going down at standby Rosa Mexicano for the 13th year in a row. All NYC locations are serving orthodox Seder dishes with a Latin twist. The menu takes cues from the Polanco section of Mexico City, a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. On Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4, RM will present a four-course menu for $48 per person. Each meal comes with a haroset starter, choice of antojitos (think matzo ball pozole soup), an entree (banana leaf-wrapped barbecued beef brisket is one), sides and copa de mango, for dessert. Note: All members of the party must participate in the prix-fixe. (212-753-7407)

Ed’s Chowder House 

On Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4, Ed’s Chowder House is being transformed into a Passover Pop-Over. Kutsher’s is taking over the kitchen for a five-course family-style Seder. It’s $89 for adults, $49 for kids, and includes standards such as chopped duck and chicken liver, seasonal pickled vegetables, a Seder plate and more. Wild halibut gefilte fish, crispy potato latke, Colorado lamb brisket and Friday night chicken will also be served. Two seatings are available, an early dinner at 5 PM and another at 8 PM. (212 956-1288)

Mile End Delicatessen 

Try out some Montreal-style Jewish traditions this holiday at Mile End. The Manhattan location is offering special dinners on Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4. The spot is hosting a casual Seder with the core blessings and the four questions, followed by food and wine. At 7:30 PM, each night, $125 gets you chopped liver, matzo ball soup, gefilteria gefilte fish, bitter greens and soft egg salad, and smoked lamb shoulder with merguez, tsimmis and rhubarb charoset. For dessert, apple and almond cake is the sweet finish. (646-494-9508)

Kappo Masa 

For an Italian-meets-Japanese-meets-Hebrew way to honor the holiday, Kappo Masa is featuring a Passover-friendly pasta selection. Masa surimi pasta, a gluten-free seafood noodle made from fish is on the menu in several different forms. There’s chili cilantro bottarga fish pasta as well as chili garlic shrimp. Shiso julienne inked fish pasta is another; so is uni cauliflower puree with Parmigiano. (212-906-7141)


On Monday, April 6 at 6:30PM, Annisa chef Anita Lo is joining chef Einat Admony in the kitchen for the Nolita Middle Eastern spot’s annual Seder. There will be live music, routine Passover activities and a menu that combines Lo’s creative Asian fare with customary Passover cuisine. Look for items like duck matzo ball soup (with duck confit stuffed matzo balls, water spinach and foie gras) and beef brisket accompanied by red dates, chestnut, harissa, Persian rice, Chinese broccoli and roasted butternut squash with soy tahini and pumpkin seed brittle. $174 per person. (212-966-7366)


For a quick and inexpensive way to observe the holiday, Amused is serving a Passover-inspired handheld plate. Executive chef Stella Ballarini has combined her love of grilled cheese with the customary unleavened bread. The open-faced matzo grilled cheese ($11) is topped with sweet gorgonzola, ramp-horseradish pesto and radicchio trevisano. It will be available Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4 as well as the following Friday and Saturday. (212-799-0080)


On the 5th night of Passover, Tuesday April 7, head to Vic's in NoHo for a "Secret Seder" from chef Hillary Sterling. Inspired by Seder Hamishi, a secret meal that took place inside the homes of Christian neighbors during the Spanish inquisition, you'll find specials added to the menu like "carcofi alla guidea" artichokes, celery, herbs, garlic, bottarga ($16); and "farona", guinea hen, charoset, olives, capers, almonds ($28) from 5:30-11PM.  (212-253-5700)

Fung Tu 

This seasonal American Chinese eatery is showcasing the Lower East Side’s Jewish history for Passover. Chef Jonathan Wu is creating special entrees such as Char Siu Brisket ($26), old reliable brisket cooked in the classic Cantonese barbecue/roasting style, served with snow peas and rice. Stir-fried Matchstick Potatoes with Herring and Chili Oil is mixing the appetizing store staple with spicy Sichuan flavors. (212-219-8785)