3 Killer Wines to Drink Now on Bay Area Menus

From a funky, mushroom-laden white wine from Slovenia to a perfectly balanced Zinfandel from Dry Creek
August 8, 2014
by Virginia Miller

We've shared local wines to pair with takeout and locally-made rosès. Now it's time to talk you through three awesome wines to seek out on menus right now. In fact, we're telling you to go to these three spots just for these specific glasses. The food is good enough not to get in the way. 

1) The Wine: Movia Lunar Ribolla Gialla
Why We Love It: Direct from the Eastern border of Italy, this funky and acidic wine is made from nearly 30 year-old vines. This pour is ideal for sour beer and Basque cider lovers, rich with Slovenian terroir and winemaker Ales Kristančič's gifted touch.
Ultimate Pairing: Pair it with mushrooms or other earthy dishes and be ready to be wowed.
Where to Drink: VerbenaTBD, Coi, Saison and Farmstead in St. Helena.

2) The Wine: 2012 Tramuntana Sauvignon Blanc/Semillion
Why We Love It: This very small production wine comes from two couples who partly grew up in Bordeaux and Spain, influencing the restraint in their wines. This Napa-born blend  is clean, floral and blessedly unfiltered.
Ultimate Pairing: It goes well with salads and beef tartare.
Where to Drink: PRESS in Napa

3) The Wine: 2011 Preston Zinfandel 
Why We Love It: This surprisingly balanced Dry Creek Valley wine has berry and rich cherry notes. But it's no fruit bomb. There's enough structure and acidity to make it work with rich dishes.
Ultimate Pairing: Game meats, especially when served with sweeter sauces. Rich, stone frut desserts. 
Where to Drink: Stones Throw (specifically with the duck dish). Or purchase a bottle at K&L for $29.99.

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