4 Awesome Foie Gras Mash-Ups to Try

Finding the luxury ingredient in unexpected (and delicious) places
September 16, 2016
by Priya Krishna

No ingredient inspires such simultaneous excitement and controversy as foie gras. But for the chefs who love it, the creative bounds for this luxurious ingredient are endless. Take a look at the coolest foie gras mash-ups across the country.  

Foieffle: barmini (Washington, DC)

The crowning glory of José Andrés avant-garde cocktail bar, barmini, is the foieffle — rich, buttery foie gras meets a super-crispy, sugary Belgian waffle. The dish, according to head chef Josh Hermias, aims to be “sweet, savory, creamy, and crunch all at once.” He starts by injecting a plain Belgian waffle with foie gras espuma (a fancy word for foam). To give the dessert its signature whimsical feel, the waffle is then topped with peanut praline, honey, crushed peanuts and a sprinkle of Maldon salt.

855 E. St NW, Washington, DC​; 202-393-0812

Foie gras soup dumplings: Annisa (New York, NY)

The foie gras soup dumplings are a mainstay on the menu at Annisa, Anita Lo's charming West Village spot — and for good reason. A rich, mushroom and star anise-based soup gets injected into the dumplings, followed by a drizzle of black vinegar and a finishing touch of seared foie gras. It's a melt-in-your-mouth dish, combining the fatty and the salty into one insanely craveable bite. 

13 Barrow St, New York; 212-741-6699

Foie gras flip: Betony (New York, NY)


You've probably had a flip — a hot cocktail with beer, rum and sugar. But you've most likely never had one with foie gras. This drink gets its buttery flair from rum that's been infused with rendered foie gras fat. Amontillado, Demerara syrup, and a finishing dusting of fresh nutmeg round out the hearty yet balanced beverage — the perfect warm sipper for the fall. 

41 W. 57th St, New York; 212-465-2400

Rebecca Fondren

Foie gras nigiri: Uchi (Austin, TX)

Tyson Cole's groundbreaking Texas sushi spot serves some of the most innovative dishes you'll find anywhere. No meal is complete without the foie gras nigiri — a seared piece of foie gras served over a bed of rice, with a handsome splash of sweet and funky fish caramel. The interplay of hot and cold, followed by the pure taste of umami make this a bite you will not soon forget. 

801 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin; 512-916-4808

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