5 Fabulous Fizz Drinks in Houston

We're giddy over these bubbly cocktails
August 8, 2014
by Marcy de Luna

With carbonated bubbles balanced by acidity (usually lemon or lime), these five Fizz cocktails pack a tasty, potent punch.

Santos Fizz at Hugo's

The Montrose restaurant serves authentic Mexican cuisine, along with this fabulous fizz, a mix of Saint Arnold Santo beer and tequila, ginger and sweet-and-sour tamarind that results in effervescent nirvana.

Ramos Gin Fizz at Anvil Bar & Refuge

The New Orleans classic — dry gin, orange flower water, cream, egg white, lemon and lime — is a highly coveted treat at the Montrose-area bar. It takes eight minutes to craft, so during peak hours you may be out of luck.

Aranciata Frizzante at Prego

The off-menu drinks at the Italian restaurant in West University combines vodka with splashes of fresh-squeezed orange and lemon juice plus muddled basil. Aranciata (orange soda) provides the bubbly kick.

Chihuahua Fizz at Lei Low

Tropical drinks rule at the tiki bar in The Heights, including our favorite fizzy cocktail, made with agave-based (tequila-like) Sotol, pineapple rinds, orange curacao, lime, coconut and a frothy egg white. 

Paloma at Americas

There’s no less than six fizzy choices on the bar roster here. Our favorite is the Paloma:  tequila (your choice of reposado or blanco) served in a tall glass with lime juice, housemade grapefruit syrup, grapefruit ice and grapefruit soda.

lei low
anvil bar & refuge