5 New Places to Eat & Drink Outside in Philly

So many new spots popping up recently — here's a quick rundown to help you make your weekend plans
July 17, 2014
by Danya Henninger

Temps in the low 80s and zero humidity? We like this summer version of the polar vortex! Making the great weather even better is the fact that lots of new places to eat and drink outside have popped up recently. Here’s a quick rundown to help you make your plans for the weekend and beyond.

PHS Pop-Up Beer Garden

At 15th and South, this year’s installment of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society pop-up park is in full swing, serving 5 PM-midnight Friday, 2 PM-midnight Saturday and noon-10 PM Sunday. Food is available from Jamaican Jerk Hut next door or a rotating slate of food trucks that park inside the gates. Drinks come from a bar run by Jason Evenchik restaurants Time, Vintage and Garage.

Independence Beer Garden

Right next to Independence Mall and across from the Liberty Bell, Michael Schulson’s open-air oasis in the middle of the Historic District offers dozens of places to sit and sip. From bar stools to picnic tables to Adirondack chairs around fire pits, there’s a spot for you to enjoy one of 20 draft beers, cocktails and spot-on summer food from chef Travis Masar. It’s open every day from 11 AM-late.

The Oval

As of July 16, the space in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been transformed into a welcoming pop-up park again, and along with activities, games and movie showings, there’s food and drink. A tree-covered beer garden with a walk-up bar operates with various hours (4-10 PM, Friday, 2-7 PM Saturday, etc.) serving Yards and other craft brews, and a variety of food trucks, including this year’s Vendy Award winners, hold court throughout the day.

Fergie’s Beer Garden

Fergus Carey took one look at the success of all of the above, and decided he’d get in on the action (“Yo everybody, I am jumping on the band wagon cos all the cool kids are doing it.”). As of July 16, there’s now a beer garden in the lot next to his Midtown Village pub, with colorfully painted walls, picnic tables and umbrellas. You can get draft beer, snacks, wine and a special cocktail from 5-10 PM, Wednesday-Thursday and 2 PM-midnight, Friday-Saturday.

Cresheim Valley Grain Exchange

Out in Mt. Airy, the former Wine Thief is now rocking as this urban-chic bar and lounge, and the alley next door has been turned into a welcoming patio, offering a place to sip cocktails and craft brew in the breeze. There’s also an elevated stage for future live shows. Hours are 11 AM-late night, seven days a week.

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