6 Picks for East Passyunk Restaurant Week

Half a dozen places where you'll get to try classics along with something new
February 21, 2014
by Danya Henninger

East Passyunk Restaurant Week returns this Sunday, February 23, and through Saturday, March 1, that means you’ll find prix fixe deals at 24 dining rooms along the South Philly strip. While Top Chef winner Nicholas Elmi’s Laurel is booked solid, there are plenty of other great options if you’re looking to make plans.

We chose six places where the menu includes classic dishes the restaurant is known for, but also something unique, a surprise you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find there.

RW dinner price: $25
Known for: Creative pizza (mac ‘n’ cheese pie, anyone?)
Don’t-miss classic: Truffle pizza with Taleggio, mozzarella, mushrooms, truffles and a fried egg
Unexpected dish: Housemade agnolotti with green peas and truffles in a moscato broth (getting fancy for a pizzeria)

Pub on Passyunk East
RW dinner price: $25
Known for: Solid pub food and craft beer (it’s the third course on the prix fixe menu)
Don’t-miss classic: Pecan-crusted fried chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans
Unexpected dish: Grilled vegetable Napoleon with crispy polenta (veggies at the POPE and they’re not even fried)

RW dinner price: $35
Known for: Chef-owner Christopher Kearse’s intricate platings
Don’t-miss classic: Parisian gnocchi with broccoli, curds and whey
Unexpected dish: 72-hour short rib with truffle, spinach and hedgehog mushroom (surprisingly hearty sounding - we’re sure Kearse will find a way to dress it up)

RW dinner price: $35
Known for: Best sushi on the avenue
Don’t-miss classic: Chef’s sushi sampler
Unexpected dish: Braised pork belly over Japanese risotto (Japanese risotto? More of this, please)

Cantina Los Caballitos
RW dinner price: $25 (or $35 with tequila pairing)
Known for: South of the border favorites and pitchers of margaritas
Don’t-miss classic: Roasted chile and cheese tamale
Unexpected dish: Vegan chocolate cupcake (cocoa was an Aztec staple, so it does kind of fit)

RW dinner price: $35
Known for: Chef Joncarl Lachman’s Scandinavian-Nordic cooking
Don’t-miss classic: House-smoked salmon with grilled barley rye, pickles and remoulade
Unexpected dish: Kabritu stoba (add a $10 supplement for this goat stew from the Antilles that’s not out of character for the spot, but is very special)

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