10 Burgers You Need to Try in Philly

Toppings piled high and housemade patties galore
May 22, 2017
by Zagat Staff

Der burger at Brü Craft & Wurst. Courtesy of Kory Aversa

There's nothing quite as satisfying as a big bite of a fresh-off-the-grill burger. There are plenty of creative takes out there in Philly and we've rounded up the must-try patties, from housemade veggie burgers to beef piled high with bacon, local cheese and gourmet toppings. Make a check list, because you're going to want to order all of these. 

The Duxelle burger at Root Restaurant + Wine Bar

Can a juicy, tasty, satisfying burger be made entirely of plants? Root makes a convincing reason to go the vegetarian route with its mushroom patty. With a signature shiitake and button mushroom blend, the Duxelle is deceptively good with the earthy smell of a beef burger and a similar bite.

1206 Frankford Ave.; 215-515-3452

Uptown burger at Uptown Beer Garden

The Uptown burger is cooked on a big grill right in the middle of the beer garden, making it just like a barbecue in your backyard but without the work. Tasso ham, pepper jack cheese, long hots and tomato top it off. It isn’t a complete meal without Pizza Boy Brewing Company’s Uptown IPA, brewed exclusively for the garden.

1735 Market St.; 215-397-3308

The Mistral burger at Mistral

Two words: bacon jam. The chefs at Mistral polish off the generously portioned Mistral burger with the housemade bacon jam, Vermont cheddar cheese and aïoli, plus a heaping serving of the hand-cut fries on the side.

160 N. Gulph Rd.; 610-768-1630

Double Decker burger at P'unk Burger

Go big or go home with this behemoth of a burger. P'unk doubles up on organic beef patties and cheddar, adds lettuce, tomato, bacon, caramelized onions, a fried egg and Sriracha mayo.

1823 Passyunk Ave.; 215-468-7865

The Twisted burger at The Twisted Tail 

At this live music and Southern fare venue, chef Leo Forneas glazes his burger with a sweet bourbon barbecue sauce before crowning it with crumbles of blue cheese, tomato, butter lettuce and crunchy lengths of bacon.

509 S. 2nd St.; 215-558-2471

Stallone burger at Craftsman Row Saloon

This frankenburger pairs elements of an Italian hoagie with Craftsman’s signature smashed patty burger. Griddled, locally sourced beef is topped with rosy slices of Genoa salami, ham and capicola. Then there's melted sharp provolone and a spicy, pickled red-pepper relish for a bit of heat. Served with house-cut fries, this mega burger crushes heavyweight hunger.

112 S. 8th St.; 215-923-0123

Der burger at Brü Craft & Wurst

The only thing German about this beer hall burger is its name. Brü chef Craig Meyers piles a brioche bun with tasso ham, candied jalapeño, Amish cheddar and Bibb lettuce, then finishes it off with a roasted tomato aïoli for good measure.

1316 Chestnut St.; 215-800-1079

Lou burger at Lou Bird’s

Available during brunch, this new bistro burger layers the morning-time duo of a fried egg and slice of pork roll with chef Natalie Maronski’s signature kim-chimi sauce, a punchy play on kimchi and chimichurri​.

500 S. 20th St.; 267-804-7977

Double Pig at Nick’s Bar & Grille

Take a deep breath before tackling this double-meat burger. Beginning with a 65/35 blend of ground beef and bacon, this patty is stacked with house-smoked pulled pork, gooey melted cheddar, fiery jalapeños and frizzled onions. Don't even get us started on the bistro sauce, which falls somewhere between A-1 and barbecue.

16 S. 2nd St.; 215-928-9411

Prohibition burger at Prohibition Taproom

When chef Val Stryjewski took over at this Eraserhood local, he switched up the menu and with it, the house burger. Taking advantage of the in-house butcher shop at Prohibition's sister restaurant, he sources sustainably raised ground beef for a super-flavorful patty topped with cheddar, cured smoked onion, tomato confit and baby kale.

501 N. 13th St.; 215-238-1818

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