8 Spookiest Halloween Eats & Drinks

Pig's-blood cocktails, brain tacos and more devilish treats
October 28, 2014
by Sarah Freeman

Trick or treat? Keep the candy and give us something that really gets our hearts racing — like caramel-corn chicharrones and veal-brain croquettes. This is Halloween for the daring gourmet.

Diablo Curry Stew at Fat Rice

With a name like Diablo Curry Stew, aka Devil’s Curry, there's good reason to be a little scared before digging into this seasonal special, a popular post-holiday dish in Singapore and Malaysia. Fat Rice’s mix of chicken, braised beef, char sou and fried pork chop is blazing with scorpion pepper for a taste of hellfire.

Black Widow at The Florentine

If Sarah Jessica Parker circa Hocus Pocus were to belly up to the bar for a cocktail, she'd likely opt for this dark-as-night drink. Combining olive brine and squid ink — hence the deep-purple color — with Bombay Sapphire East Gin, it's served up in a martini glass and garnished with a Calabrian chile.

Werewolves of London at Kinmont

Channel your inner wolfman (or woman) to sip this swiney concoction. Inspired by a blood cocktail made by Nandini Khaund of Craft Cocktail for the Reader’s “Key Ingredient Cocktail Challenge,” this version blends Bombay Dry Gin, Pimms No. 1, pineapple juice, coconut syrup and, yep, a tangy touch of pig's blood.

Brain Tacos at La Chaparrita

This taqueria with a Mexican grocery in back has the most eclectic selection of tacos, including tongue, tripe and sweetbreads. In addition to sesos, or brains, cooked tender enough to satisfy even the pickiest zombie, the kitchen also does wonders with cabeza, or pig's head, served crispy on a flour tortilla.

Corpse Reviver at Rebar

This haunting, gin-infused drink is made with cucumber, apéritif wine, orange curaçao, lemon and absinthe and served in a nitrogen-encased martini glass to add some spooky fog. What’s that floating in the middle? Oh, just a litchi berry eyeball.

Offal Dinner at Table, Donkey & Stick

For the second year, chef Scott Manley is bringing brains to the table at a seven-course offal dinner beginning with veal-brain croquettes. The menu also includes lamb heart tartare served with lamb fries and pig ear terrine with warm trotter vinaigrette, as well as a bag of caramel-corn chicharrones to take home. Reservations are available from 5-10 PM on Friday, October 31, for $60 per person.

Veal-Heart Tacos at Takito Kitchen

We hear that grasshoppers are an excellent source of protein. Get your daily requirement with the colorful Day of the Dead taco plate, featuring grilled veal heart on a hibiscus tortilla with pickled squash, arugula, purple cayenne hot sauce and chapulines (those would be the little green guys). The dish is available for $16 from Friday through Sunday.

Tourte Charcuterie at Tete Charcuterie

This pastry-covered meat pie looks innocent enough. However, hiding inside the flaky crust is a deep-red filling of pork-blood pâté with boudin blanc, wild mushrooms, corned pig tongue and black truffle. Sometimes the best tricks double as a meaty treat.