A Trio of Tuesday Feasts

December 6, 2013
by Danya Henninger

If you’ve got the evening open on December 10, there’s probably a special dinner suited just to your tastes. Three prix-fixe meals are taking place that Tuesday night, and each has a different pairing focus: one is based around cider, one beer and another on fortified wine. See details below and pick whichever fits your palate.

Fitler Dining Room Freecon Farms Cider Dinner
Chef Rob Marzinsky will be hosting Frecon Farms’ Sam Brouwer for a meal where each of four courses is designed to pair with a different hard cider. Fruits de mer goes with “Early Man,” made from early heirloom Macintoshes, while roast pork goes with the bolder “Hogshead Cider,” bottle-conditioned from crab apples. Seats are $55 and reservations are available between 6-6:30 PM (there’s also a later seating around 8 PM with a few openings; 215-732-3331).

Iron Hill Elements of Beer Dinner
Acidity. Hop flavor. Malty sweetness. Chef Jared Canon is taking into account the elements that make beer great for his five-course beer dinner at the Chestnut Hill brewpub. Fried goat cheese with lemon gastrique channels that first one - it’ll go with an American wild ale - while ice cream sliders copy the malty sweetness of barley at dessert. Seats for the 7 PM dinner are $65 (including tip!) and there are still a handful available (215-948-5600).

Lemon Hill Fortified Wine Dinner
What is fortified wine, anyway? You probably know it better as sherry, port, madeira and Cocchi Americano, and each of these will be featured along with a paired dish from chef Adam Zenzinger. The five course meal runs $65 per person and reservations are available throughout the evening (215-232-2299).