Best Thing We Ate: Angel Food Muffin at Beatrix

January 23, 2014
by Sarah Freeman

It may be National Pie Day, but we can’t get enough of the angel food muffins at Beatrix. These lighter-than-air pastries are available at the coffee counter in the all-day-dining restaurant. Perfect with a cup of coffee, the spongy pastry has a soft inside with a crispy top. Think of a meringue adorning a slice of angel food cake or biting into a cloud. Each muffin is dusted with coarse sugar and is perfect for guests looking for something sweet to go with their cup of caffeine. Since it doesn't have the dense texture of a traditional muffin, this sweet can be enjoyed with a little less guilt. Opt for a plain muffin or go beyond decadent with the angel food muffin dipped in chocolate.

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