Best Thing We Ate: Lobster Tacos at Sancho Pistolas

Chef Adan Trinidad is a taco sorcerer
August 6, 2014
by Danya Henninger

The Dish: Lobster Tacos at Sancho Pistolas

The Price: $18

Tasting Notes: Adan Trinidad is a taco sorcerer, although the secret to this stellar new menu addition at his Fishtown cantina isn’t pixie dust. It’s butter. Chunks of lobster meat are drenched in it, their flavor enhanced by another classic pairing: with sweet corn. Things perk up from there with arbol chile sauce, and get even more of a Mexican twist from black bean purée, cilantro and cooling chunks of avocado. You might want to ask for a bib when you eat them, but it’s entirely worth the mess.

Side note: when you stop in to try them, also check out another new taco offering. Shreds of lamb braised for 14 hours are so rich that they beg for the accompaniment of sweet orange slices. Crunch and tang come from pickled red onions, salsa verde and slivers of radish, and the whole thing swims in more housemade chile sauce ($13). Get both dishes for the ultimate surf ‘n’ turf, taco style.

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