Brussels Sprouts at The Pass & Provisions

October 31, 2013
by Amber Ambrose

The Provisions side of The Pass & Provisions is a paleo dieter's worst nightmare; some of the restaurant's most intriguing dishes come in the form of carbs. Starchy, calorie-heavy dishes include breads paired with black garlic mostarda,  pastas tossed with a white lamb bolognese and mint sauce and pizzas topped with white anchovy, cauliflower and parmesan.

However worthy each of the carb-a-licious pizzas, pastas and breads are of the "Best Thing We Ate" designation, the winner of our meal was a dish of roasted Brussels sprouts glazed with kimchi and topped with an over-easy duck egg.

Trendy vegetable or not, the once-despised Brussels sprout is enjoying its day in the culinary sun, Provisions' menu included. Here it's packed with umami, roasted to a pleasantly just-firm-enough texture and drowned in a rich, runny and vibrantly yellow egg yolk that forms its own sauce. Lucky for us, we had plenty of bread to sop up the leftovers after the sprouts themselves were long gone.