Bocuse d’Or Team USA Just Created Epic Cereal Bowls For Kellogg's NYC

This isn't your average bowl of Corn Flakes
December 14, 2016
by Margaret Sutherlin

Kellogg’s NYC, the recently opened cereal bar in Times Square (with recipes by Christina Tosi), is rolling our new creations from Bocuse d'Or Team USA starting this week. Two years ago, the U.S. team placed second at the competition many consider to be the culinary Olympics. Next month, Team USA heads out once again to the biennial event in Lyon, France.

Chefs lending a cereal creation to the Kellogg’s celebratory pop-up menu include Philip Tessier: the coach of the 2017 USA team, Thomas Keller of Per Se and French Laundry, and Gavin Kaysen of Minneapolis hot spot, Spoon & Stable. Mathew Peters, the executive sous chef at Per Se in New York and his commis Harrison Turone are representing the 2017 team.  

Each chef’s creation will be available for one week and then all will be available for a grand finale at the end of the month. Bowls are available through February 5. Proceeds from the bowls help fund the Ment'or program, which supports culinary students and education.

"It's been amazing to see how these chefs relate to cereal and translate it in their own unique ways," said Sandra Di Capua, co-owner of Kellogg's NYC. "In some cases, they highlighted a childhood memory; in others, they tapped into familiar flavors and showcased them in a new way. The bowls are all so delicious, fun, and innovative, and really show how cereal can be an awesome canvas for so many different personalities and palates."

Daniel Boulud of New York’s Daniel kicked off the celebration this week with his creation called Turkish Coffee Delight, blending Cracklin’ Oat Bran, dried figs and sesame halva, served with coffee-cardamom-orange blossom infused-milk.

Daniel Boulud's Turkish Coffee Delight cereal

Here's the schedule for the rest of the month:

Dec. 12: Daniel Boulud

Turkish Coffee Delight: Cracklin Oat Bran, dried fig, sesame halva and coffee-cardamom-orange blossom infused-milk

Phillip Tessier's cereal creation called the Banana Split

Dec. 19: Philip Tessier

Banana Split: Rice Krispies, banana, maraschino cherries, toasted hazelnuts, Nutella, whipped cream, sprinkles, milk and of course, the classic American flag toothpick

Dec. 26: Gavin Kaysen

Strawberries and Cream: Rice Krispies, Cool Whip, strawberry powder and milk

Jan. 2: Mathew Peters

Golden Chef: Honey Smacks, dried cherries, pecans, cinnamon milk and gold flake

Jan. 9: Harrison Turrone

Nebraska Fields: Rice Krispies, blueberries, chopped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and banana milk

Thomas Keller's cereal creation named The RTG (Ready to Go) 

Jan. 16: Thomas Keller

The RTG (Ready To Go): Special K, raspberries, blueberries, yogurt drops and unsweetened almond milk

Jan. 23: Grand Finale

All chef cereals will be available

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