Closings: Mexican Post Gone, Alfa on Its Way Out

November 25, 2013
by Danya Henninger

Just a couple of weeks after the Love Park location of Mexican Post shut down, the one in Old City has closed its doors after nearly 25 years, per The Insider’s Michael Klein. Poor sales are the reason, according to the owner, who expresses the relatively odd notion that the city’s restaurant climate is faltering, especially in Old City. (Other neighborhood mainstays like Fork, Han Dynasty, Farmicia and the Khyber Pass Pub might have a slightly different take.)

A lease running out is the reason for another pending closing, as Klein also brings news that tavern-slash-dance-club Alfa will shutter after New Year’s Eve. Walnut Street in Rittenhouse was once the city’s hottest restaurant row, but recently it’s morphed into a shopping corridor, with big-name fashion retailers (not to mention the Apple store) driving up rents. Alfa’s owners have always been on top of trends (they were the first in Philly to add Fernet Branca on tap) and have already branched out to less expensive turf - their Fishtown taqueria Loco Pez is booming.