The 7 Most Irresistibly Crispy Dishes in SF Right Now

Fish 'n' chips, rice bowls, pastries and more foods that satisfy a craving for crunch
February 14, 2014
by Tamara Palmer

The best crispy foods have much more than mere crunch. A memorable combination of texture, flavor and even sound comes together for one of the most crave-worthy eating sensations out there. Peruse our favorite killer crispy dishes, and feel free to share your own in the comments.

Peking Duck at R&G Lounge

One of the most popular dishes at this Chinatown institution is the whole Peking duck. The crispy skin gives way to tender meat; it's served with green onions, hoisin sauce and fluffy steamed buns.

631 Kearny St.; 415-982-7877

Dolsot Bibimbop at New Korea House

The classic Korean rice bowl with mixed veggies and meat is rendered extra crispy as the rice continues to cook in the stone bowl after the dish is served, searing the bottom bits.

1620 Post St.; 415-563-1388

Teppanyaki Meshi at Men Oh Tokushima Ramen

The Japanese answer to bibimbop utilizes short-grain sushi rice instead of longer-grain white rice for tinier yet crispier bits on the bottom. This version is served with a mix of ground pork and pork belly.

5120 Geary Blvd.; 415-386-8802

Ghormeh Sabzi and Tahdig at Lavash

A classic Iranian beef stew flavored with herbs, ghormeh sabzi is complete only when accompanied by tahdig, little shards of rice that have been deliberately crisped up with butter on the bottom of a saucepan. It is a coveted part of any traditional meal.

511 Irving St.; 415-664-5555

Fish 'n' Chips at The Cavalier

This young British pub has quickly stolen the city's spotlight for fish 'n' chips. Delicately battered Petrale sole and chips are both fried in rice bran oil to expert crispness.

360 Jessie St.; 415-321-6000

Crispy Pata at Irma's

Almost as popular as fried chicken in the Filipino food world is this dish of deep-fried pig knuckle. It's a lot of work to navigate, but the payoff is in the interplay of the crisp coating and firm pork.

2901 16th St.; 415-626-6688

Pineapple, Rum and Peppercorn Kouign Amann at B. Patisserie

This fine pastry alternates layers of butter- and sugar-slathered pastry dough that bakes up into the most delicately crispy texture that shatters on the first bite, giving way to more layers of custard and caramel candy. Check out our first look at B. Patisserie's 2014 desserts for more pastry goodness.