First Look: Menu for Flank, Opening in February

The steakhouse where you eat with your hands
January 28, 2016
by Scott Kearnan

Raise your hand if you're ready to eat with your hands. 

On February 10, Waltham will welcome Flank — one of our most highly anticipated openings of 2016. This steakhouse stems from a curious page in the history books by updating the "beefsteak" approach to dining: a turn-of-the-century, banquet-style feast conducted without napkins or silverware. Men (yes, only men) would just rip into those chops with their bare hands. Grunt! 

Flank is modernizing the concept. Though you can expect handsome Victorian-era environs (which include wine lockers for personal booze storage), women are obviously included in the carnivorous feasting fun. And though those who go fork-less will be rewarded with Flank-embroidered aprons to keep as souvenirs, guests will also have the option to dine in more civilized, silverware-included style. There are also a la carte dishes available - lots of them - and that brings us to your first look at the menu, below. While prices are still being finalized, here are all the meaty meals: from a litany of chops (served with several different sauces and relishes) to seafood plates (like Salmon Wellington), steakhouse sides, tantalizing toasts (chipped beef with slow egg and tobacco onion, anyone?), caviar service and shellfish towers. And you can also peruse the three different, increasingly indulgent beefsteak banquets available: "The Butcher," "The Banker" and "The Butter & Egg Man," a four-course feast that kicks off with poached lobster tail and winds down with chocolate fondue.

74 Tower Rd., Waltham 

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