Good News: Franklin Barbecue to Expand; Bad News: No Extra Meat

July 25, 2013
by Megan Giller

Today we heard that Franklin Barbecue has filed plans with the City of Austin to add on a real smokehouse. Exciting news! Aaron Franklin hinted at the expansion a few months ago when we talked with him. He said the new covered area will hold a total of six smokers but unfortunately will not mean more meat for hungry barbecue-goers.

He told us,

“After the addition that we’re working on is built, all those cookers are going to come out of the trailers and they’re going to go into a screened shelter. That’s all the addition is, just a screened-in patio for our cookers. No increased seating or bathrooms. And not really more food.”

Long-term, though, Franklin wants to add a window for to-go orders in the back:

“Someday I want to open up the window in the back kitchen for a to-go line. Then we could shorten the extraordinarily long line up front and pull those to-go orders out.”