Here's What You'll Eat at Tahaza Hummus Kitchen, Now Open in Cambridge

Grab-and-go options at this new Eastern Mediterranean
September 18, 2015
by Scott Kearnan

Heads up, hummus lovers. 

This week Tahaza Hummus Kitchen opened its doors at One Canal Park in East Cambridge. The Lechmere T-side space should be a hit with commuters looking for a spot to nosh, as the fast-casual concept emphasizes "hummus bowls," protein- and seasonal veggie-packed bowls ringed with hummus, plus modern Eastern Mediterranean wraps, build-your-own salads, and other chalkboard specials that make use of flavorful sauces like Sriracha tahini, spicy harissa, mint-yogurt and lemon-mint vinaigrette. Our mouth is watering already.

Need some Friday food porn? Whet your appetite with a glimpse at some of Tahaza's tasty tidbits below. (Bonus: Free WiFi. We're sold.) 

Scoop 'em up. Tahaza is doling out three variations of light, creamy house-made hummus: original, roasted red pepper and summer pea. 

That's a wrap. Oh, what's that? You'd like a tidy grab-and-go pita stuffed with falafel, fresh veggies, and other fixings like seasonal mushroom medleys, spiced to life with a smear of flavorful hummus? You're covered. 

Wash it down. High fructose corn syrup? Not here. Tahaza offers housemade sodas in seasonal varieties like Watermelon Black Pepper and Cucumber Basil. You'll also find boutique brands like Jubali juice and Maine Root fountain soda, plus artisanal cookies from Somerville's Kitchen Millie as dessert.

Behold the bowls. The signature "hummus bowls" feature a ring of hummus around big helpings of fresh veggies and proteins: options include shredded chicken, slow-cooked beef or lamb with chickpeas, plus veggie-friendly alternatives like baked falafel.