Hot Summer Chocolates From Tradestone Confections

July 24, 2014
by Danya Henninger

“Want some of these chocolates?”

“Eh, well, hmm...”

Around our desk, the heat of summer is the only thing that produces this kind of response when chocolates are offered. But it quickly changed into “Oh. Yes, please!” when the colorful fruit interiors of Tradestone Confections’ summer assortment came into view.

The visual held up: chef Chip Roman (The Treemont, Mica, Blackfish) and partner Fred Ortega have discovered how to make bon-bons refreshing.

Best one is the Mango Lime, which tastes like you wrapped up a day sunning on a Dominican Republic beach followed by a night at the tiki bar all in one little square. Local berry-toting Strawberry Verbena is more lemony and bright than anything, in a pleasingly cooling way. The intense fruity jam of the Raspberry is highlighted by an almost bitter cream and a rich, ultradark chocolate shell.

These are all available in the summer collection, 16 pieces of handmade sugary treats that goes for $30. Get it online here or stop by Tradestone Cafe in Conshohocken, where you can also try the new Grapefruit Litchi bar, white chocolate bumps filled with citrusy cream and intermittent chewy bites of dried fruit.

Time to chill out with some hot chocolate.

chip roman