Escape the In-Laws: Houston Bars Open on Thanksgiving

November 27, 2013
by Amber Ambrose

It's 5 PM on Thanksgiving. You've awakened from your post-turkey-eating nap feeling as fresh as a daisy. The extended family members are starting to make their leftover sandwiches and you don't think you can stomach one more story about Aunt Nancy's gallbladder issues. There is hope. Here are 9 bars open on Thanksgiving, ready and willing to give you respite from the onslaught of family.

Richmond Arms

Fancy a pint of beer and a low-key British pub atmosphere? Richmond Arms is your answer, with a giant wall of taps dedicated to an international beer selection. They open at 2 PM so you have even more drinking time away from the family (and if you're having Thanksgiving dinner in the evening, you can get liquored up before the meal).

5920 Richmond Ave.; 713-784-7722

Poison Girl

Slink into the shadows of Montrose's hippest dive bar, or just line up at the pinball machines to let out any pent up aggression from having to listen to your grandfather rant about politics all day. Order a whiskey daisy, watch the hipsters roll in and take a deep breath. Everything's going to be ok. Doors open at 4 PM.

1641 Westheimer Rd.; 713-527-9929

Rudyard's British Pub

Yet another pub open on Thanksgiving, Rudyard's is billed as "the living room" of Montrose, and that's exactly how familiar it feels when you walk in the door. It's like a grittier version of Cheers, but with a better beer selection. Grab the darts early - they open at 5 PM - and take a break from turkey with one of their delicious burgers.

2010 Waugh Dr.; 713-521-0521

Anvil Bar & Refuge

Strong cocktails will be slinging in all directions after this Montrose bar opens at 8 PM. Classic libations like the Manhattan are served up alongside creative, booze-forward concoctions, and for Thanksgiving night only, so will some vinegar pie slices from sister restaurant, Underbelly. Get there before it runs out (the pie, not the booze).

1424 Westheimer Rd.; 713-523-1622

West Alabama Ice House

If the open air does your mind and body some good, try the West Alabama Ice House for some bottled beer and a cool breeze. Seating arrangements are picnic tables, and dogs are allowed on the property. Better Fido than Uncle Frank and his creepy mustache. Longnecks can be yours from noon until midnight.

1919 West Alabama St.; 713-528-6874

La Carafe

Unwind with some wine beginning at 4 PM in this historic bar located inside the oldest building in Houston. It's rumored to be haunted, which only makes it more interesting (talk about spirited clientele). The candlelight and dim interior add to the lulling effect, though don't stress yourself out by forgetting cash - it's the only form of payment accepted here.

813 Congress St.; 713-229-9399

Red Lion Pub

What is it with British pubs open on Thanksgiving? Maybe it's that they're just not that into the American holiday, or perhaps they're simply providing a gathering place for expats feeling left out. Either way, it's all in our favor, especially since Red Lion opens at 11 AM this Thursday.

2316 South Shepherd Dr.; 713-782-3030

Flying Saucer

Beer, beer and more beer is what you'll find at both the Downtown Houston and Sugar Land locations of The Flying Saucer starting at 5 PM. The ample space inside means it's good for groups, which is perfect for meeting up with friends in from out of town.

Multiple Locations

Dirt Bar

A little bit of rock 'n' roll might be just the solution to a day spent cooped up with the family. Starting at 6 PM, gather at Downtown's Dirt Bar for drinks served with a side of goth to really get the party going.

1209 Caroline St.; 713-651-3988