Houston's Most Extreme Dishes & Drinks

Crazy-spicy margaritas, a poisonous Japanese fish and other adventurous plates
January 20, 2015
by Marcy de Luna

From a super-spicy cocktail to a fish feast large enough to feed an army, read on to learn more about Houston's most over-the-top dishes and drinks.

Filet Mignon Flight at Killen's Steakhouse

The $150 price tag on this plate of meat may sound out of this world, but so is the caliber. The Pearland-area steakhouse serves up four three-oz. pieces of steak from some of the world's finest purveyors, including Texas' own 44 Farms and one from Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture, famed for its high-quality beef.

Fugu at Kata Robata

Throw caution at the wind with an order of fugu, the Japanese delicacy more commonly known as blowfish. This Upper Kirby restaurant is the only restaurant in town licensed to serve the fish, which if highly poisonous if not properly butchered. But Houstonians trust chef Manabu Horiuchi, one of a dozen or so certified fugu chefs in the country — the specialty often sells out within a day. Adventurous eaters can expect to see the blowfish in various forms: served raw as sashimi, in soup and as a sushi roll (five pieces sell for around $35).

Crispy Bycatch at Underbelly

Fresh-off-the-boat bycatch (seafood caught when fishermen are out looking for something else) is part of a family-style feast at the highly regarded Montrose spot. The monster meal features two to three large, chicken-fried whole fish smothered with spicy Creole tomato sauce in a large cast-iron skillet and served with sides of rice and cornbread ($60).

Underbelly (Photo by Julie Soefer)

Detention Burger at Bernie's Burger Bus

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the big-as-your-head burger (pictured at top) at this Bellaire patty joint. To form this gutbuster, two patties — each one topped with cheddar cheese, "tipsy” onions deglazed in Jack Daniels whiskey, pickles and garlic tomatoes — are piled between two bacon grilled cheese buns ($17.25) with an array of condiments such as homemade mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.

Skull Series at El Big Bad

Calling all die-hard spice fans: the Downtown gastro-cantina’s killer Skull margaritas ($10) are available in three sizzling variations, each hotter than the last. Choose from two that include seeded or de-seeded habenero and Serrano peppers, jalapeños and Thai chiles or a third infused with all of those, plus scorpion peppers. If you're really brave, down a Skull shooter.

Gusanos Tacos at Caracol

Dine outside the box at the chic Galleria-area restaurant. The menu features crunchy, protein-packed tacos filled with sautéed dried maguey worms with sides of guacamole and salsa verde ($7).

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