Is NOLA America's Hottest Food City?

August 9, 2013
by Kelly Dobkin

Top Chef's next season will take place in New Orleans, arguably one of America's hottest food cities of the moment (check out our list of the city's top ten restaurants here). While fans wait for the show's October premiere, today we learn about a new feature in Bravo's attempt to ramp up their online viewership: Padma's Picks, a new online mini-series that will debut on August 14 in which host Padma Lakshmi will troll the city of New Orleans for hot young talent, with the help of suggestions from industry pals. Check out a trailer for the show here.

It seems like New Orleans is getting a LOT of attention from the food community of late, so is this the food city to watch right now? We recently interviewed legendary NOLA restaurateurs Ti Brennan and Adelaide Martin of Commander's Palace, who shared their thoughts on how New Orleans compares to other food cities like NYC and San Francisco. Brennan chalks the restaurant scene's success up to the fact that it's just a great town in which to do business right now, "The restaurant scene is simply reflecting the business scene in in this city. New Orleans was ranked the #1 most improved metropolitan area in The Wall Street Journal’s list of “Best Cities for Business” two years ago. The Brookings Institute ranked New Orleans a Top 20 Strongest Performing Economy." How does New Orleans compare as a restaurant town in your opinion? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, here are some other hot food towns to watch around the U.S.  [via LA Times]

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