La Barbecue On the Rise

Pitmaster John Lewis dishes on long lines and future plans
June 2, 2014
by Megan Giller

Now that the Austin American-Statesman named La Barbecue the best barbecue joint in town (above Franklin) things are getting a little nuts at the East Austin spot. We checked in with pitmaster John Lewis to see how he’s handling the shakeup.

"Crowds have been like the Franklin line, which freaked me out a little bit,” said Lewis. Having worked at Franklin before moving to La Barbecue several years ago, he knows how hard it can be to feed the masses while maintaining quality. They've been smoking as much as possible the past two months and plan to amp it up, but that requires training people, a process Lewis won't rush.

His advice: The lines on weekdays aren't too crazy if you get there early, around 11 AM (they usually sell out by 1:30 PM). If you can't make it then, fret not. The team is hard at work on a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Lewis told us, "The plan is to open a brick-and-mortar, and when we can find a location, we'll have more space to smoke more meat." Let's hope it's a lot more meat.

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